The Division: guide on how to prepare for 1.6 Update

The next major expansion Last Stand and the update 1.6 for The Division are completed and are already with Sony and Microsoft for review. But many agents now ask themselves: What can I do to make the new content appear? Is it still worthwhile to go on a loot hunt now?

The answer is yes. The update 1.6 doesn’t bring a new world rank and the maximum gear score of 256 remains. You don’t have to re-equip yourself completely when 1.6 appears. Therefore, you can now do some things to make a smooth start. Here is our quick guide on how to prepare for 1.6.

Shop Now Named Weapons

You can currently purchase named weapons from the special equipment dealer in the terminal and the seller of advanced weapons in the Base.

Collect Weekly Rewards

Confirmed by Massive: Collect now the containers, which you receive as a reward for weekly orders.

The weekly order containers are significantly upgraded with 1.6: They contain more items, including an exotic item. In this case the containers, which you now keep, contain according to 1.6 Exotics!

Skills and Electronics!

The update 1.6 turns neat on the stats on the armor parts: Thus the skill strength gets into the focus. If you want your skills to remain effective, you need to put more value on them than before. Therefore:

- Seek armor pieces to increase the amount of electronics and skill.
- Buy and search armor mods with electronics.

If you currently have a character build that lacks skill power, your skills in 1.6 will have little effect.

Tips For Weapons and Armor Parts

- The FAMAS becomes an Exotic and is called from 1.6 Bullfrog. Grab them now. Currently, there is a FAMAS to buy.

- Keep your gear sets up. Don’t disassemble your equipment sets, so you can get in 1.6 excellent with them clearly. By the way: The SEEKR set doesn’t come with 1.6. This requires further revisions.

- The SMGs get their old power back! So look for some nice machine guns and look in 1.6 how they perform with their Critical Hit Chances. Mods that increase critical damage can now be kept.

- High end armor parts with specials are recommended.

- Since AlphaBridge is only the third (always active) talent, you should search for weapons that have a strong talent at this position. If you still want to use AlphaBridge.

Saves Currencies

Save your currencies, like Phoenix credits.

- In 1.6, you can recalibrate the talents as often as you like. However, the costs for this increase up to a fixed maximum (after the fifth time). So you cannot have enough currency.

- With 1.6 the cap for Phoenix Credits is raised to 5000. If you have already reached the maximum of 2000 then you can continue to collect.