True and Bad Endings guide - Resident Evil 7 Daughters

With the second expansion Band Footage Volume 2 for the horror game Resident Evil 7 Daughters, you will get another insight into the awful story of the Baker family. Here you have the opportunity to unlock two different endings. The one thing will not cost you so much work, while you must find and use all the objects for the true ending.

Resident Evil 7 Daughters - True Ending

If you want True Ending, then you start Band Footage and pick daughters as always. The beginning is always the same. After you seeing Jack Eveline return home with the little girl while raining and Marguerite asking you to bring some dry cloths for the girl, you have some preparations before this action.

- Get the password to Lucas mobile phone. Stand behind him while he is using his mobile phone at the dining table (password: 1019).

- Then go to the kitchen and enter into the small hole, grab the lockpick and head to the laundry room and get the dry clothes.

- Go to the bathroom on the first floor with the lockpick. Here you’ll find a closed drawer that you can open now. Grab the small part of it.

- Now go to the room where Eveline was lodged, and as soon as Jack leaves, turn right. There is a cup which can be combined with the small part.

- Then climb up the ladder. Above you’ll find a PC with a note, which reveals that the password corresponds to the Lucas' smartphone.

- Type the password 1019 and see the last lines of the message that Lucas' things are hidden on the terrace.

Now, as usual, keep playing Evie's clothes, pulling the rope, escaping into the room before the father, and out the window to the terrace. But before you go through the loose metal plate on the wall again into the house, you squeeze through to Lucas' hiding place. Here you will find a dog head, with which you can open the door below - as you know it from the main game.

Go to the caravan to find Mia. The rest should not be a problem.

The Bad Ending

Band Footage 2 lets you make the bad ending much easier than the real one. Nevertheless, let us briefly summarize what is important here. Most actions you can omit and don’t need to find all items. You can bring the girl the dry clothes right away and you have to escape to Jack on the terrace. Go through the hatch back into the house and down the stairs. Here you have to take care that the mother does not catch you.

Now you must unlock the double door and Marguerite will interrupt you. She'll give you a car key and tell you to leave soon. This is exactly what you are trying to do - off into the garage and into the car ... The rest is straightforward.