What is the Best Weapon you can choose in Nioh

In Nioh, you’ll start with two melee and ranged weapons. However, you’ll not find the best weapons until you play the game once and start the New Game Plus. Because only then you can find high rarity equipment “Divine” in the game.

Keep in mind that each type of weapon in the game has strengths and weaknesses and is assigned to a specific attribute. In addition, your skill increases with a weapon only when you use it. This is the only way to learn the secret techniques for each type of weapon in the Endgame.

The Following Weapon Categories Available in Nioh

- Katana (attribute heart): One hand sword, with which you can perform blows at short distances. Suitable as a perfect starting weapon for acclimatization.

- Dual Katanas (Attribute capability): With a Katana in each hand, you can do very fast attacking combos and have always been an advantage over opposing opponents.

- Spear (Attribute body): The spear has the widest reach of all weapons and you can use it for wide swinging attacks or fast advances from a safe distance. However, it have disadvantages in tight spaces as it can hit walls.

- Axe (Endurance attribute): The highest damage with an attack. Enemies can fight off attacks with the ax but the slow attack rate is a disadvantage.

- Kusarigama (Attribute dexterity): The Kusarigama is the most unusual weapon in the game and consists of a sickle with chain and a weight at the end. It allows you the fastest attacks of all weapons in the game and thanks to the chain you can also increase the range somewhat.

In addition, there are the ranged weapons, of which there are bows (fast and little damage), guns (average speed and damage) and handcuffs (much damage, but must be shot from the squat).

In the course of Nioh you will surely use and try out every weapon. But which weapon is the best for you that you have to decide for yourself. From our point of view we can recommend you the spear. The high range has particularly pleased us and it is very useful in boss battles, such as against Onryoki or Hinoenma.

Obtain The Best Weapons Through Forge

In the course of the game, you will always find new and better weapons, and you will always change your Equip. However, the attributes on found weapons are always randomly generated and may not match your playing style. You can only get the best weaponry from the blacksmith Tome. But you should consider the following things.

- Play all the sub missions that are offered to you. As a reward, there are sometimes smith texts (new recipes for weapons and armor) and special items that improve Tome's toughness when you surrender it to her.

- In the course of the sub mission "The Trail Of The Master" in the Tokai region you can also unlock the legendary master forge Muramasa and further improves the forge capability.

- By completing missions and dismantling excess equipment, you will get the necessary basic materials for forge. These are also classified into the well-known rarity stages and can also be further processed into high-quality components thanks to material conversion.

- For the best weapons, you also need unique materials, which you will get especially from monster bosses and at the conclusion of twilight missions.

Weapon New or Change Soul Image

If you have all the materials for a new weapon together, you can give the forge order at Tome. You need different basic components of materials and depending on the weapon, a unique material. If you want to increase your chance to the highest level of rarity after divine, choose with the components - only unique materials (purple). So you can increase your chance over 30% and hopefully be lucky.

If you got a unique weapon, it still depends on the attributes. These are also randomly determined during forging. If you don’t like an attribute, you can exchange it for a new one via the menu point "New forge". This will cost you gold and spirit.

If you like a weapon, you can have it through the blacksmith category "change soul image" with level up. Select a higher level weapon as the material you are using, and your preferred weapon will get the corresponding level and the damage increases. If the equipment used as the material has reached the highest degree of familiarity and has transferable effects, these can also be transmitted by the soul image change.

However, with a higher weapon level, the cost of modifying the spirit increases significantly and you should consider whether it is worthwhile from a certain point onward or rather you should avoid new weapons.