All Memory Photo Locations in Zelda: Breath of the Wild

In The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, you will find 13 photos that link 100 years of memories in Link. And if you can collect all these memory photos, then you will be able to unlock the secret ending.

Each memory photo directing to another location, and all these photos provide you with important information and stand for a major event that has happened during the past century. However, after some time it can be a bit frustrating, as it is not easy to gain access to the memory locations.

To unblock the quest with the memories, you must visit Impa in Kakariko. After completing the Seek out Impa quest and unlocking the camera for your Sheikah Slate, you must return to Impa. From her you will now get the Captured Memories quest.

Altogether, there are actually 18 memories, but there are only 13 memory photos. You will get four of the memories automatically in the course of the main story, and for the fifth memory, you must get the master sword. The other memories are recorded in the 13 memories. Once you have the camera in your possession, the first 12 memory photos will be displayed. You will not receive the 13th memory photo until you have visited the other 12 places. Because what you really have to find are not the photos, but the places that show the memory photos. By the way, the 13th memory photo is not really a photo, but rather a painting.

So you have to look for the places in the photos, which then restore some of the link’s lost memories. It then comes to wonderful intersections, which you can look at any time.

Below we will show you how to find the memory locations in the photos. Fortunately, the memories light up brightly when you are close to them. So you can hardly overlook them. If you have found such a place, go to the spot and press A to recall the memory. There is no exact order to visit in the places on the memory photos, only the 13th memory will be revealed to you at last.

Memory Photo # 1

This place is pretty simple to find. Go to Hyrule Castle, where you will find the old town square, there you will find your memory.

Memory Photo # 2

From the Great Plateau Tower, head towards the Komolo Lake at the southern edge of the Hyrule Field. From there you have to head towards the south-western edge of the lake. In the distance you can see the glowing memory.

Memory Photo # 3

This memory comes back to the left when you go south of the Tabanta Tower to the ancient stone columns or the west side of the Tabanta Great Bridge.

Memory Photo # 4

Travel from the Gerudo Desert to the Gerudo Town to find the Kara Kara Bazaar. To the right of the bazaar, in front of an oasis, is the memory.

Memory Photo # 5

West of the Eldin Tower, there is a mountain that you must climb up to see a new memory.

Memory Photo # 6

This place of remembrance is located on a lake, to the north-west of the castle of Hyrule.

Memory Photo # 7

Also in West Necluda there is a memory, which is located between the Death Mountain and the Eldin Lake.

Memory Photo # 8

This wonderful memory is hidden in Hyrule Castle.

Memory Photo # 9

You will find this memory of the source of the force that is west of the stable of East-Akkale region.

Memory Photo # 10

You have to go to Sanidin Park to get this memory. It can be found in the southeast Hyrule mountains. You must then search the area for a large statue.

Memory Photo # 11

In Necluda, there is another memory place hidden at the east gate of Lanaryu Road.

Memory Photo # 12

Between the Bottomless Swamp and the Hylia River there is a small forest where you will find another memory.

Memory Photo # 13

If you found the previous 12 memory places and visited, you must go back to Impa to get the last memory photo. The photo sends you to the east of the Dueling Peaks Stable of the Gemini Mountains.