Amiibo and their Bonuses Guide - Zelda: Breath of the Wild

In the Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, you’ll find ten Amiibos to help you. You can use them both on the Nintendo Switch and on the Wii U, as both consoles have an NFC interface. The Amiibos are very useful, they bring you great features and some bonuses that you can only get if you have the corresponding Amiibo figure.

The Amiibos are interactive figures of your favorite characters from a game. You can scan the character with your Nintendo console and act with it within the game. You can discover new features or benefit from other bonuses. For example, you can unlock weapons or character adjustments. The Amiibos are quite controversial, because many consider them as expensive players.

Use Amiibos

If you have chosen an amiibo figure and want to use it in the game, you must activate the Amiibo function via the main menu or the title screen. Then press the L button to run the Amiibo module. Now you can hold your Amiibo figure on the sensor, which is located at the Nintendo Switch on the right Joy-Con-Controller. So you can scan the Amiibo and immediately collect the reward that should appear on your screen.

You can only use the Amiibo once a day to get your bonuses. For example, if you have an amiibo figure that brings you a special outfit, you need three days to complete the outfit, which consists of three parts.

Besides, you don’t miss any content, just because you don’t have an Amiibo character at Zelda: Breath of the Wild. These are mainly items and not exclusive weapons or dungeons. The Amiibos offer you only a simplified access to these rewards. However, there is an exception, namely the Wolf Link Amiibo.

Zelda: Breath of the Wild - Amiibo: Wolf Link as a Special Figure

Among the ten Amiibos that exist in Zelda: Breath of the Wild, there is a very special figure that brings bonuses into the game that you would not otherwise have found in the Open World: the Wolf-Link Amiibo. Zelda fans must already know him, as this character has appeared for the first time in The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess.

If you are a Zelda Breath of the Wild, then the wolf will appear in the game and accompany Link on his journey. The wolf can then help you fight and search for food in the area. However, your companion is not yet strong, because he has only three hearts and does not last much. You can increase your hearts, but only if you have Zelda: Twilight Princess and can play. If this is the case, then proceed as follows to make Wolf-Link a strong companion that strengthens your back in combat:

- Set the Wolf Link Amiibo in Zelda: Twilight Princess to unlock the bonus dungeon "Shadow Cave" 

- Here there are 40 levels, which sprout in front of enemies. You must complete the shadow caves completely.

- Afterwards, you can save the rest of the hearts on your wolf link and use them in Zelda: Breath of the Wild.

The Amiibos and their Bonuses in detail

The other nine Amiibos bring bonuses with them, which can also be found without them in Zelda: Breath of the Wild.

- 8-bit link : With this Amiibo, your chance to get the original outfit is greatly increased. In addition, you will get some barrels that you can destroy for some rupees.

- Bokoblin: With this Amiibo you get a new club or a random amount of meat that you can use for cooking.

- Archer Link: With this Amiibo you get a new bow or a random amount of meat.

- Rider Link: This Amiibo gives you a new sword or something for your horse or a random selection of mushrooms.

- "Ocarina of Time" link : Your chance of the time outfit is increased with this Amiibo. You also get a random amount of meat.

- Toon Link: Your chance of the wind outfit is increased if you can call this Amiibo your own. In addition, you get a random amount of fish. Alternatively, this is also possible with a Super Smash Bros.

- Guardian: With this Amiibo it is possible that you get some special arrows and you get boxes that contain ancient and useful objects.

- Wind Waker Zelda : With this Amiibo, you are assured of a random amount of plants that you can use for cooking as well as for crafting.

- Zelda: The beautiful princess is also available as Amiibo. It brings a new shield with or but a random selection of plants.

The outfits consist of three parts: a head covering, a robe and a trousers. Chance determines what reward you will receive. Tip: Set up a manual game before the amiibos are scanned, since you can then try it several times and see what reward you get.