Best and Rare Weapons in Horizon Zero Dawn

In Horizon Zero Dawn, to destroy the dangerous creatures as quickly as possible you need to equip yourself with the best weapons in the game. You can get these rare weapons as reward when you have completed all the hunting ground trials. Of course, it also depends on what category of weapons you like to play or what is best for you. For this reason, we have listed the best weapons that you can find in Horizon Zero Dawn.

After you have completed all the hunting ground trials and earn the Blazing Sun reward, you will get the weapon box. In this way you will get one of the rarest weapons in Horizon Zero Dawn. The following list shows you the essential attributes and the ammo that use these best weapons. (Here we listed the three rewards as the first ones)

- Lodge Blast Sling: This very rare weapon has a base handling of 70 and shoots blast bombs, proximity bombs and sticky bombs. Three more slots allow you to make more changes.

- Lodge Ropecaster: This also a very rare weapon with a base handling of 70. The ammo you need is a tear blast, and there is also the possibility to install three modifications.

- Lodge War Bow: The handling of the bow is slightly poorer and lies at 50. You can use freeze, corruption attacks and shock. You can also upgrade this war tool with three modifications.

These are not the only rare weapons in Horizon Zero Dawn. Of course, there are others that you can use earlier. You can buy them from the merchant.

Buy Rare Weapons

Among the best and rare weapons, we also listed the Shadow Weapons and you can buy them from the merchant.

Shadow hunter's bow:

- Handling: 80
- Ammo: Hunter's Arrow


- 650 metal shards
- 1x Guardian Heart

Shadow War Bow:

- Handling: 50
- Ammo: Freeze, Shock and Corruption Arrows


- 800 Metal Shards
- 1x Trampler Heart

Shadow Rattler:

- Handling: 100
- Ammo: Shock, Freeze and Standard Rounds


- 950 Metal Shards
- 1x Board Skin
- 1x Rabbit Skin
- 1x Fox Skin

Shadow Sharpshot:

- Handling: 20
- Ammo: arblast, Hardpoint and Harvest Arrows


- 800 Metal Shards
- 1x Sawtooth Heart

Shadow Sling:

- Handling: 40
- Ammo: Freeze, Fire and Shock Bombs


- 650 Metal Shards
- 1 Crystal Braiding

Shadow Ropecaster:

- Handling: 50
- Ammo: Tear


- 500 Metal Shards
- 1x Snapmaw Heart

Shadow Blast Sling:

- Handling: 40
- Ammo: Proximity, Sticky and Explosive Bombs


- 1400 Metal Shards
- 1x Lancehorn Heart

Shadow Tripcaster:

- Handling: 30
- Ammo: Shock, Fire and Explosive Traps


- 750 Metal Shards
- 1x Scrapper Heart

What you should consider when choosing the weapon

Actually, you should always pay attention to the situation in which you are. You can fortunately carry four weapons at the same time so choose your weapons sensibly. For example, you should have a ranged weapon, so you can fight from a distance. With a war bow, you cannot deal much damage, but element charges. You can get high damage with the Sharpshot. The arrows are slow but very precise. If you want to attack a large area then you should grab a blast sling . The bomb traps you shoot with this weapon can even be triggered manually. The sling eliminates elemental bombs, which also spread the damage over a larger area. With a Rattler, you can fend off enemies, since, similar to a shotgun, it deals in ordinary damage in melee.

But you should not underestimate the traps. You can tangle the enemy machines on the ground with Ropecaster. But all this is not enough, because you must also consider what resistance your opponents have. What kind of weapon you should equip with, you decide according to your style and the ammo and match the opponents and also your style.