Contagion side mission Walkthrough: Mass Effect Andromeda

In this guide to Mass Effect Andromeda, we will, guide you step by step through the Contagion.

After you discover the planet Kadara in the game, you’ll find the email from Dunn. This triggered the incident Contagion. To activate it, you can simply click Contagion in your logbook for the Heleus quests under Nexus. So go to the Nexus and look for the Habitation Deck, where you have to talk to Dunn.

Dunn tells you to meet the doctor Carlyle. He will tell you that a woman from the Cryo bay was awakened, suffering from an incurable illness. This woman has now disappeared, and if you want to prevent the outbreak of an epidemic, you must find her. In addition, he says that it is important that you don’t spread panic. This means in the plain text that Director Tann is not allowed to know about the problem. For you, it is now that you must pursue investigations in order to solve Contagion and choose the right answers. So you do not spread panic. The following steps will help you:

- Go to the cryo bay and talk to Harry. If you ask the doctor about the disease TH-314, he will tell you about the symptoms and that there is no cure.

- Next, you should visit an Immigration Officer. In this case, the mission marker of Contagion will only take you to the docking bay and now you have to conclude yourself where this immigration officer is actually. The following picture will help you.

- When you speak with the Immigration Officer, you must pay attention to your answers. If you don’t want to panic, choose the answer "We are friends" . The Immigration Officer then tells you that Ruth Becker was with him.

- Now you have to use SAM to scan the places where Ruth was staying, to find out where she was going.

Vortex and Planet Scanning

After Contagion led you into the Vortex, you can speak here with the barman. He will tell you that Ruth Becker was there and was talking to the Salarian. If the barman does not respond to your question, then simply talk to him (could be a bug). So go to the Salarian and talk to him. Again, you must pay attention to your answers, so as not to trigger panic. Responds as follows:

- Where is she?
- Everything is fine. (Probably only this answer is decisive, but we did not want to risk anything)

Now follow the Quest Marker to the Command Center and speak with the Turian. Here you pay attention to the answer. Now, go back to the docks and walk to the bank to the left of the Immigration Officer. Then talk to the mechanic and then go to Tempest to continue the search in the galaxy.

Always go to the Orbit, where Contagion is displayed in orange. Once you are in orbit, you start scan the planet to find the anomalies.

Kadara And A Tough Decision

If you've been through the Planet scanning, you'll land on Kadara. Here you must have played the main mission and get access to the slums. From here, you can enter the planet and make your way with your nomad to the next selected point. There you will find the shuttle from Ruth. Scan the wreck and look down at the left of the shuttle. Here you can find a data pad. Listen to it and then go to the next marker.

Here you just have to scan the footprints on the ground and then on to the next marker. Again, there are traces on the floor that you have to scan. The ferry search leads you directly to a building where the Roekaar hold the sick woman. Fight through here and enter the building. Scan in the space to the far right all that is possible and use the console. Follow the marker to talk to the Roekaar. Here you have two possibilities:

- Leave the Roekaar
- Kill the Roekaar

No matter how you decide, you get a fair amount of AVP and XP. But we don’t want to spoil you completely and leave the end open.