Death Stranding Easter Egg Locations in Horizon Zero Dawn

In Horizon Zero Dawn, you can find three hidden items that represent Hideo Kojima's latest project Death Stranding. The three items you can find in the game refer to the previously released trailers of Death Stranding from the E3 2016 and TGA 2016. You can collect them and then exchange them with the specialty merchant in Meridian for special rewards and other cryptic items.

Locations of Death Stranding Easter Eggs

The three items from the Death Stranding trailers have special icons in the inventory of the Kojima Productions logo. They are classified as very rare (purple) objects, so you can easily spot them when you are near them. The exact locations are explained below

- Stranded Necklace (The Necklace that Norman Reedus carries in the announcement trailer from the E3 2016): You can find it during the main mission "The Grave Hoard" in the area of the same name. When you enter this area, you have to keep left and jump over the machines. You can find the necklace here with a corpse.

- Stranded Shackles (The shackles that Norman Reedus carries in the announcement trailer from the E3 2016): You can find this Easter Egg at the end of the main mission "Deep Secrets of the Earth". It is easier to collect this item on a later return. Put up the "Shadow Stalwart" outfit and head to the Zero-Dawn facility in the north-west of the desert. The shackles lie on the table on the right.

- Stranded Figure (The doll, which drifts in the water in the Game Awards 2016 trailer): You will find during the main mission "The Heart of Nora", after you have opened the locked door in the heart of Mother's Heart. The doll is under the first steps that go down.

Note: You can collect the items at any time during or even after the corresponding main missions.

Rewards and Meaning

If you've collected all three items from Death Stranding, you can go to the Meridian Specialty Merchant and exchange them for the Mysterious Box. There are the following rewards.

- Modification box with very rare weapon or outfit mod
- Modification box with weapons or outfit mod
- Shard Gambler’s Box with metal shards
- Warm Socks

The raw material "warm socks" is particularly strange here. The benefit for this item is still unknown and in the game only the sale for 100 metal shards is indicated as the intended purpose. Eventually, the importance of this item will disappear in the future when Hideo Kojima releases new information about Death Stranding.

The connection of Horizon: Zero Dawn and Death Stranding is by no means a coincidence. The new game from Hideo Kojima will make use of the Decima Engine like Horizon: Zero Dawn, which is why the game studios work closely together. For example, Hideo Kojima is also particularly thanked for the credits of Horizon: Zero Dawn.