Defeat The Demon Prince: Dark Souls 3 The Ringed City

The demon prince is one of hardest bosses you’ll encounter at the beginning of the Dark Souls 3: The Ringed City. The demon prince reveals his true form only when you defeated the two demon bosses in agony and demon from below.

From the bonfire in the first area of The Dreg Heap you have to jump into an abyss. When you reach at the bottom, the fight starts with demon in Pain and demon from below, which then becomes a demon's prince.

Tips For The Boss Fight

The fight is divided into two phases:

- Phase 1: You fight at the same time against the demon in agony and the demon from below.

- Phase 2: After both demons are defeated, the last killed - the demon prince transforms with again fully charged life.

In battle, you will be dealing mainly with fire attacks. But also one of the demons regularly spits on you. Therefore, you should pack a few purple moss clumps in the sniffer selection to cure possible poisoning in the course of the fight. For increased fire resistance, we recommend you the flame stoneplate ring as well as an armor set with high fire resistance (for example the black iron armor).

A shield does not bring you so much in this fight, because the demons are very fast and cause many far-reaching attacks with area damage. Therefore, we recommend that you carry a fast weapon of your choice with both hands in battle.

Defeat Demon in Pain and Demon From Below

As soon as you have jumped down into the abyss to the Bossareal, the fight begins. The combat area is enormous and you can cover the obstacles in the area in good time. The two demons have different attack patterns: one will attack you with wild flames, while the other is more passive with poison attacks.

Most importantly, in this phase, the two demons should be pulled apart as quickly as possible and killed one of them. Concentrate your attacks on one of the two demons. You are always the safest, if you are right under them. You should always roll under them under attack and then start an attack series. Never slip back in front of them as their attacks have very high range.

The demons are particularly vulnerable to head attack. After a few blows, they will collapse and you can put another critical hit on the head. In the course of the fight, the two demons will exchange their attack patterns. However, you should not be misled. Focus your attacks on one. After the first demon is dead, the second is no longer a problem.

Defeat the Demon Prince

After you defeat the second of the two demons, retreat, because after a short time, he transforms with a surface explosion to the demon prince. This has the same attack patterns as the previous demons in melee, but also has more powerful fire attacks and sometimes lifts in the air, only to then fall over you to the ground.

Note the following tips during this crucial phase:

- When the Daemon prince rises above you and you lose sight of him, move aside with fast movements. He will immediately fall back to the ground. Then you have some time to attack him in the back.

- It will be most dangerous if he makes a blow to you with his wing beating and thus gains distance. As a result, he begins a long-lasting firebeam, which first destroys everything in front of him in short range and then in a long range. However, during the long recharge phase, you can manage to go directly to it. Here you have a lot of time to work on him, while he makes his attack forward.

- Also in this phase it is still best if you always stay directly under or behind him. Here you can always add him and defeat the demon prince so conclusively.

As a reward, you’ll get the soul of the demon prince.