Destiny age of triumph, Crota Raid Challenge rewards

Destiny’s next major update Age Of Triumph brings you new weekly Featured Raids. Two of the new challenges are the tasks in "Crota’s End". If you exclude them, expect exotic raid adept weapons or raid ornaments. Who has experienced this raid countless times, will see new aspects and can rely on the usual tactics.

What’s New In Crota's end

In general, little has changed at the Crota’s end in Age of Triumph. The raid starts in the lamp phase, goes over to the bridge phase to the death singer Ir Yut and then goes against Crota. Nevertheless, there are a few changes to the gameplay. At this point, we don’t show you the already known points, but list the new features:

Light Maze /Phase

Like before, you run from lamp to lamp to build the bridge. However, In the new version, there will be much more enemies, and even witches will be spawned in the end to make the transition to the bridge even more difficult.

Bridge Phase

The bridge phase is the most modified part of the raid. You have to divide into three groups of two and put on the totems after activating the bridge. There you have to defeat the Swordbearer. If this is happening, one of you should cross the bridge with the sword to kill the gatekeeper. One of the ten new statues will be lit. You can only preempt when you manage to light all ten statues. This means, in turn, that you must defeat ten gatekeepers.

If all four guardians have crossed the bridge, then it will be permanent. After that, six swords and several gatekeepers will spawn, which you must defeat, in order to open the gate.

Death Signer Challenge Mode: kill Ir Yut with a Swordbearer's sword

In this phase, the first boss is waiting for you and the first challenge. You can proceed as you are accustomed to from the past to defeat the witch. Kill all enemies (knights, witches, etc.) and leave the room. There will be new enemies in the outdoor spa. Defeat all enemies and a Swordbearer will spell. This drops a sword with which you have to kill the witch. Once it’s dead you only have 30 seconds to start from the point where you follow the Swordbearer.

Rewards: A raid ornament, an emblem, and an Adept weapon await you to complete the challenge.

Challenge Mode: Crota

Here, you have to kill the Swordbearer and attack Crota with the swords. Each weapon has six hits, so you can defeat Crota after three swords. It is very important that you alternate as a sword supporter. Each time another guardian must strike.

Rewards: For Crota, there is also a raid ornament, emblem and an adept weapon. In addition, you can get armor.

In addition to the boss, you are also threatened by ogres, knights, and a boss. The last can be attacked slowly, as you have quite a lot of time. Your focus should be on Crota, so you can defeat the boss as fast as possible. Good luck in hunting!