Dungeon All Chests, Puzzles Guide: Zelda Breath of the Wild

In Zelda Breath of the Wild, you’ll find a total of four dungeons and they bring you a lot of treasure chests and other rewards. But before you get to these treasures you have to face bosses.

On the way through the enigmatic caves, you will pass some treasure chests that will bring you powerful weapons and armor.

Vah Ruta Dungeon - All Treasure Chests, Puzzles and Location Guide:

To find this dungeon you should go to the Zora’s village / domain (east of the Lanaryu Tower) and talk to the king there. He will give you the main quest "Divine Beast Vah Ruta". Now go to the Eastern Reservoir together with Sidon to explore the dungeon. After you enter the cave, it will automatically become a speeding point. Now proceed as follows:

- Preparation for the Dungeon: Pack up some dishes that will heal you and don’t forget arrows. We recommend you take at least 30 pieces. Also take strong weapons with an attack power of at least 15.

- Shoot first at the eye at the entrance, as with his death, other curse monsters are also prevented from appearing.

- To get to the displayed terminal, walk through the main room and keep to the left. To the right of the gate is another eye under water.

(1-Treasure chest: leave the room, turn right and discover a treasure chest with your magnetic module in the water. Content: Antique pen)

- If this is destroyed, you can use cryonis to push an ice block under the grid. Go to the terminal and check out Ruta. You can now control this trunk.

(You can only move the Ruta Trunk. The orange points are terminals that you have to examine. The violet drops show you how to move the trunk. Use A to select where the trunk should be - do not forget to confirm with B. Only then does the trunk of Ruta move)

- Now go back to the entrance and look to the left. There is a crank, which can only be activated with the magnetic module. Turn clockwise and then press the terminal to the left.

- Turn around 180 degrees, run backwards and then right through the gate. Go up the ramp and defeat the guard.

- Take a look at the waterwheel and stop it with an ice block as soon as you can see the terminal. The ice block belongs to the square tube on the left.

(2-Treasure chest: Destroy the ice block in the inflow. Stand on the board outside the waterwheel. At the top of the opposite wall you can see the treasure chest. Content: 100 rupees)

- Now leave the room and turn right. Shoot the eye and continue. When the second waterwheel arrived, you have to command the trunk of Ruta to the left. This is how the wheel moves.

(3-Treasure chest: Go to the waterwheel and turn left. As soon as two large boulders pass by, stop the latter from both with your Stasis module and you can already see the treasure chest. Content: Antique core)

- Now change the position of the key two to the left. The big water wheel will now turn differently. Use again your Stasis module and stop the large ball, so that it cannot reach the outer ring.

- Then you can see the next terminal, which you can now use. Turn around and walk back a bit. Turn left to the small water wheel and jump down.

(4-Treasure Chest: Stand between the two wheels and look at the bigger one. Here, you have to destroy the eye and grab the crate).

- Drive all the way up to jump down on the other side.

- As you move up, you can drop the trunk all the way down. Then jump down to tackle the guard.

- Look for an orange glowing floor plate on the floor. Activate them.

(5-Treasure chest: Run through a long corridor outside the ground switch. Look down at the end. This is the trunk of the Titan. Sail down and defeat the eye to get the crate. Contents: Antique axle)

- Now place the trunk on the 5th droplet from below. Turn around and fly to the elephant's head. Around the waterfall. Now put the trunk down again and fly back.

- You must land exactly on the front of the trunk. Go ahead and see the terminal. Jump and put the trunk on the 5th from above.

(6-Treasure chest: Turn around and glide to the left. Kill the eye on the other side with bow and arrow and grab the crate. Contents: 10x ice packs)

- Turn around and look down. At the waterfall you will find an opening. Glide in here.

- First, clear the eye on the ceiling and turn clockwise on the crank with the magnetic module.

- Open the Titan control and set the trunk down two droplets. Now jump down to the last terminal.

(7-Treasure chest: Turn around and jump down. Contents: Ritter Hellebarde)

Return to the entrance of the dungeon. Now follow the battle against Ganon's water curse.

More dungeons will follow as soon as we have explored them. If you already have tips and treasure chest locations in the remaining three caves, please write us a comment.