Earn XP and Fast Leveling Guide Mass Effect Andromeda

In Mass Effect: Andromeda, it is always good if you farm enough XP and quickly reach a high level. In this guide, we will show you a way, with which you can level up quickly and earn experience points.

However, it is always a good idea to complete as many of the early missions as possible, in order to farm many XP. After that, you can level up in other ways to get ready for the difficult missions. You should choose the right armor and weapons, so you can use your XP per kill well.

As soon as you have checked your equipment, you can make your way to the effective level. There are routes where you can meet many opponents. This gives you the chance to get a continuous flow of XP. It is useful if you run a fixed route, instead of simply hoping that an opponent group is waiting behind the next corner. In this video you can see a route, which is available to you very early:

However, there is something more than a series of headshots and nimble feet. We will show you what things to keep in mind.

Earn XP quickly Through Equipment

If you are on routes, you need a good tactic to counter the enemy groups. So get the right equipment and pay attention to a few different aspects:

- Precision gun: Use the Sniper to kill enemies from a distance. So you don’t have to waste time on short range. Use your rifle with the right mods so that you kill your opponent effectively. As a result, the opponents don’t get too close to you and you don’t have to waste time fighting. The more damage your precision gun causes, the faster you can farm XP.

- Initiative: The Initiative armor will give you advantages in fast levels, as you can get additional XP. Every kill will give you more experience points – for head, arms and legs shots, you will be granted whole 8% XP.