FIFA 17: New Trick, Use Sweeper for a Better Defense

In FIFA 17, after all the years a new defense trick has emerged, which is actually longer in the game, but was rarely used by players. With this trick, you can change your formation so that the attackers are often plastered away and you can concentrate on counter attacks. The Sweeper has been part of FIFA for a long time. However, the YouTube user GemsGS has dealt somewhat more closely with it. This has declared the hidden position in the formation, and since then, many players are excited by the improved defense in the game. However, the trick does not work in FUT mode.

The secret behind the sweeper is in the settings of your formation. You can change your internal defenders, so they can clear all attackers directly. Set for the players as position Sweeper. You can do this using the function “Position Change” With the quad or X key. The correct abbreviation for the Sweeper SW.

Your sweeper will now behind your own defense chain and try to capture as many passes as possible. The trick is that you can now be heavier with long passes and cannot get into dangerous running duels. Once you've got used to the Sweeper, he'll cover you perfectly. However, try to get on the formation knot before daring in duels with friends.

Unfortunately, the Sweeper position does not work for the FUT mode. You can only modify the offensive behavior when you change positions. However, it is possible in the online seasons, which is why you must make sure that other players use the Sweeper against you. The popular offline kick-off mode also supports Sweeper. So try to get your friends out with the trick.