Find Ancient Vessels easily, Location guide: Horizon Zero Dawn

In Horizon: Zero Dawn, collectibles such as ancient vessels bring you some special rewards. For this you have to first look every corner of the game world and exchange the found items with special merchants for equipment. However, this is time consuming so in this guide we will show you how to find the locations of the ancient vessels easily and where the other individual collectible items located.

You can simplify the search for the ancient vessels by purchasing the locations map quite early in the game. This can be done in Meridian region, the start area or at other merchants. You can also buy matching maps for other collectibles, such as metal flowers, banuk figures or panoramas. Just go to the Special Items section of the trader menu and you will see the maps.

Once you have purchased a map, the locations of the ancient vessels will be displayed on your map. You see white circles, which you have to travel. There, you should activate your focus, so that you can find the location of the ancient vessels by violet smoke. These objects are buried, so you cannot just see them lying around. If you manage to collect all the ancient vessels, you can even expect two trophies!

There are three sets of ancient vessels. Special Collectibles from different areas can be exchanged in Meridien with Studious Palas for a box of valuable rewards.

Set I - Faro, Arches, Dronehop and Wayfarers

Set II - Miriam, USRC, Kz and Sterling Malkeet

Set III - Odyssey, Metallurgic, Jomei Climb and Thunderheads

The search for the ancient vessels is definitely worthwhile. It is a little effort and you have to beware of robots, but the rewards are worth. It is not easy to find very rare equipment and the number of vessels required is quite manageable.

If you collect the other Collectibles in the game along with the ancient vessels, you can equip Aloy with powerful items. Many of the collectibles have more than one cosmetic effect, so you should definitely consider them during your gameplay.