Find and Defeat Angels, Summoners: Dark Souls 3 The Ringed City

The Ringed City, the last expansion for Dark Souls 3 brings you an unfriendly and almost invincible kind of opponents called angels. These enemies shoot you with absolutely deadly projectiles. If you want to strike back with your bow and arrow, you will soon find out that this is difficult. Look for their summoners. If you kill them, then the angels will disappear.

The summoners have only a fraction of the life points and give commands to the angels. Kill the companions of the angels, so that you can easily access the crash site to collect the Twinkling Titanite. You need this special high-end item if you want to improve / upgrade your special weapons.

First we want to show you how to escape the angels’ attacks without dying. These flying opponents have two attacks that you should remember. In addition, they warn you these attacks in advance.

- If you hear an angel screaming, you know that she will shoot her light projectors in one or two seconds. Now she uses her fire attack. If you are not fast enough or don’t seek cover, you will die quickly.

- If it begins to sparkle beside you, the angel makes for a curse. If you stay too long, fill your cursed groin first. If it is full, you are dead.

In both attacks, you should dodge as quickly as possible. We recommend you use items that will spare your endurance. We recommend the Carthus bloodring. This increases the invincibility while performing a role. Objects such as green blossom are an advantage here. This regenerates your stamina for 60 seconds. The Shrine Handmaid offers this item after you have given the trader the dream hunter ashes.

Locations of All Angels and Summoners

Altogether, you’ll find three angels and three summoners, whose locations we will show you below. The angels are all in the Dreg Heap area.

- You’ll encounter the first angel, including the summoner near the bonfire in Dreg Heap, after you fall off the cliff, so go into the ruin building and head to the courtyard with two knights. Then go down the slope to the end. There you’ll find the first angel.

- The next angel awaits you in the Earthen Peak Ruins bonfire. Run on the giant upside down tower, where you can see a mill wheel. From here, you must seek cover from the angel. Don’t forget that he is moving. Don’t spend too much time in one place. Then run to the house, which you can see at the far left. Run behind the house and stare into the abyss. Here is a cotton root. Run on it to get to a platform with the Summoner.

- To kill the last angel, you must go through the swamp. He will poison you by degrees. So pack a purple moss lump that heals you with poisoning. At the end of the swamp (from the bonfire) you will find a tree stump that you have to climb up. Thus reach the roofs of the ruins. Here you can also find the last summoner.

Never forget to take enough cover. For the last angel, you can look for cover behind the tree trunks. Do not stay here for so long and don’t forget to use the purple moss lumps!