Find Basketball in Deus Ex: Mankind Divided - A Criminal Past

A criminal past, the latest DLC to Deus Ex: Mankind Divided leads you to the prison Penthouse, where you are locked up as Adam. A well-equipped jail should have a basketball basket and you will find this in the yard. But where is basketball. Are there other balls to be found in "A criminal past"? Leave us their locations in the comments.

You can find the basketball quite early in the game. After introduction into the story, you will be taken to your prison cell and you can go out to go to the farm shortly afterwards. This is also the aim of the mainquest. There are additional optional side mission for you, and if you follow this, you will also get to the basketball. The one we found is in a restricted area, so you have to sneak out. However, it is much easier than most missions of the DLC. We will take you step by step to the trophy or the achievement "Don't Reach, Young Blood".

- After leave from your cell, you should look around in all open cells. Here you will find some accessories. You don’t need them to unlock the achievement "Don't Reach, Young Blood", but a small tip on the edge.

- Go to the yard and talk to Flossy. You then get the optional side quest of talking to the fixer. To find him, you must speak to the man who is leaning against the metal column on the right at the entrance.

- Speak with the fixer and hook at the delivery. Accept his request and he will send you into cell 309. The optional mission is called "Search The Fixer's Cell" pick the mission and go to the cell.

- Don’t worry about the guard inside. Go inside and search the teddy. There you will find a piece of paper that will send you to the hiding place. You will receive the optional quest "Retrieve the package" option. Choose it and follow the mission pointer to the laundry room.

There, you will find the Teddy and the basketball. You must take them out and go back to the farm where you can find a basketball hoop. Put the ball in the hoop and already you unlock "Don't Reach, Young Blood”.