Get Infinite Arrows: Zelda Breath of the Wild

In The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, arrow and bow are often used by players during fight against enemies. Therefore, ammo is always tight.

Normally, arrows can be found in crates or you can get them from enemies. Otherwise, you can of course buy them in shops, but this is just an expensive beginning. Alternatively, you can block wooden arrows and collect them.

As you may have noticed, shoot arrows that have missed their target can be collected. This works differently with arrows that shoot enemies like Bokblins. These can be easily collected with a trick. You can do this as follows:

- Look for Bokoblin opponent groups on horses that shoot with arrows. You can find them in the Hyrule mountain range, in the ruin farm or in Tabantha, Ancient Columns Area (Paraglide southeast to the northeaster).

- Go to the area of the Bokoblin group and get their attention, so they start bombarding you with arrows.

- Position the camera directly in the bird's eye over you so that you can see only the ground and the Bokoblins disappear from the field of view.

- Now the Bokoblins will shoot arrows but they will not hit you. Don’t move too much and just collect the arrows one by one.

Note! Remember that the arrows regularly collect because only a maximum of ten arrows can be on the screen at the same time.

Whether this farming method is a glitch or simply the exploitation of a game mechanics, we don’t know exactly. However, it is the best way to quickly farm arrows and rapidly increase your stock.