Get Skill Points and Bonus Medals: Ghost Recon Wildlands

In Ghost Reocn Wildlands, the skill system works a little differently compare to other similar games. In Wildlands, you not only have to collect skill points but also find supplies. Bonus Order will bring you even more bonuses to every talent.

This tactical shooter can be quite challenging. Especially the Unidad soldiers are responsible for many deaths. It is very useful that you can buy special bonuses with different skills. But you don’t just click on the desired talent. You also need a lot of supplies, which you find in deliveries throughout Bolivia.

Find all Skill Points and Bonus Medals

All skills in Ghost Recon Wildlands unlock you with skill points and supplies. Our tip: Search for white info symbols on the map. You can then select a category of collection objects that will appear on the map for the region. We will show you in guide, where you can find the skills points and bonus medals.

Of course we have not yet been able to find all the collectible objects in all regions. For this reason, this table is still under construction. We are expanding it as quickly as possible.

Region  Collectibles  Details of the orders
Itacua  2x Bonus-Order, 8x Skill point 1: Born leader (Efficiency increase by 8 percent), 2: Shot resistance (5 % Damage reduction)

In the game, you can get your skills in two different ways. If you climb the level, you get a skill point. In addition, you can also find skill points, which reward you with a point that you can put into the talents. Don’t spend the skill points immediately, as some skills require multiple points.

The Best Skills For Every Game

If you don’t know what skills you should first try. You should make it dependent on your playing style. If you play with other players in the co-op mode, it is also helpful if you have different skills.

If you play alone, we recommend you the AI companion. This ability makes you more tactical. If you fight side by side with real people, you should think about whether you want to increase your healing speed to help more quickly. The following skills also very important:

- To unlock all achievements and trophies, you must unlock the parachute, which is why we recommend you this skill. In addition, helicopters are the best way to control and get you faster on the huge map. To landing, you can simply use the parachute.

- If you fly more often or you are always the first to enter the houses, you should improve the shot resistance as well as the spread in free shooting.

- The grenade will do a good service in the fight against the Unidad troops. However, you must collect a lot of supplies to unlock several grenades for the weapon.