How to Defeat the Architect in Mass Effect Andromeda

The architect in Mass Effect Andromeda is dangerous and not a real boss, but he can be regarded as such. You’ll encounter him on various planets several times - and that is also good. After all, the monster brings you some items and mods, which will help you in the further course of the game. In this guide we will show you how to defeat this giant creature.

Before we proceed with our guide, let's go into his attacks. For each attack, there are easy evasive maneuvers that Ryder can use to avoid dying. Overall, he has three attack types.

- The most powerful attack of the architect is energy deprivation. There is a red circle around you and you see black objects flying around in this field. The first seconds you can still stay in this area. After about two to four seconds, he unloads a huge ball that hammers the red spot. This attack will deprive of your complete shields and if you continue in this area, your health will affected. The easiest solution is simply to avoid this area. Use your Jetpack and fly / jump to the right or left. On the first encounter, we recommend you to avoid it as soon as you are in the red circle. Later you will notice that you have a few more seconds for this. This attack is not easy to master. If you look through a visor of a sniper rifle, you should break off and look around. Note that it does not help you to seek cover. Energy withdrawal can also have its full effect here.

- You should also use the same tactics with the shells. Here, you hear a sound just before, as if the architect spit something out. That's what he does - and grenades that are close to you. Here, too, you have a few seconds left to detonate. You’ll find out this attack with red warning sign. Dodge with the jetpack or crumble behind the next cover so as not to be hit by the explosion.

- As a last attack the architect use laser beam. He folds another tentacle (as if he did not have enough) and shoots you with a laser beam. While he fires the laser, you should seek cover quickly. The attack passes after a few seconds. Wait for the laser and then attack.

Tactics and Tips Against The Architect:

Before you get on with the machine, you should prepare. The first fight will cost you half an hour. So plan this time. However, this time is worthwhile, the architect takes you after a victory 400 AVP. You will find an architect on Eos, Voeld, Elaaden and Kadara. You usually meet them in side missions. Prepare yourself for the fight as follows:

- Choose the right profile to help you fight. We recommend the Infiltrator profile. Give three skill points in both tech and combat to unlock it. The profile not only enhances the precision of your weapon, but also helps you avoid it.

- Take a precise weapon with lots of ammunition. We recommend you a sniper rifle as primary and an Assault riffle a secondary weapon.

- Pack yourselves enough ammunition. You will find them among the consumption objects. Fire is good against relics - and thus against the architect. Disruptor ammo is also a good idea.

- Choose the right companion for the fight. Cora and Drack are more of a melee, so they have little chance against the architect. We recommend Vetra and Jaal. Vetra possesses forces that weaken the architect with fire, while Jaal remains at a distance with his precision rifle.

The weaknesses of the architect are obvious. It is his three arms and his "mouth". They light red and should be attacked as soon as they are open. The monster can also equip his tentacles with armor. In this case, you should not continue to do so, but take care of the mouth.

The biggest problem will be the friends of the architect. If only you were to stand with the monster, then the battle would not be difficult. However, as soon as your companions call: "The architect has called for more relics!", It means for you to stop the bombardment and take care of your friends.

The architect on Eos stays longer in one place, when all tentacles are evenly distributed. If only one is damaged, you spend a lot of time running over Eos and tracking the monster. Nearby is a reconnaissance post. Use this to charge your ammo, health, and shields. The architect on Kadara has little to choose from. The few coverings that are available are destroyed by dumpers. So lure them away and use the tactical hide when dodging. The architect in Voeld is difficult only because the weather conditions can weaken your life. Return to the building to increase the visibility. See the Elaaden architect for his friends, who are going to attack you in mass.

The architect will always attack you and don’t care much about your companions. So jump from cover to cover and don’t stay long in one place. If that happens, you will feel the architect's attacks.