How to Find The Ringed City: Dark Souls 3 - beginner’s guide

The Ringed City is the second and last expansion for the Dark Souls 3. Finding the new area of an add-on in Souls games is a real challenge. However, in the case of The Ringed City, it is comparatively simple. From now on, you can visit the surrounding city in the game and battle with new enemies and bosses. You can also find new weapons, armor and magic voices in the two new areas.

If you have installed The Ringed City and the update correctly, you can see it on the start screen of Dark Souls 3. If you see The Ringed City, you are ready for the DLC. To get into the new areas of the DLC, you don’t have to follow certain steps as you did with previous add-ons. Instead, you must find one of two bonfires in the game, which will teleport you directly into the new area.

You Have Two Options:

- Go to the "Kiln of the First Flame" to the bonfire with the same name. If you played the main game, you know that this is the last bonfire just before the final boss of the main game. Just a little further to the left in a corner you will find a second bonfire in this area. The Dreg Heap is the starting area of the DLC.

- If you have played the first DLC "Ashes of Ariandel", you can also reach the new area by alternative means. At the bonfire of Sister Peace there is also a second bonfire in the back of the wall, which brings you The Dreg Heap. If you have played the DLC, but have not yet been to the First Flame in the main game, this is faster for you.

Tip! If you have not advanced far in the main game, or have played the first DLC, you will not be able to get to the new area of the surrounding city quickly. Maybe you have just started a New Game Plus and you are not back in the right place before the endboss. In such a case we recommend you a speed run of the main game, where you concentrate only on the necessary bosses. Summon yourselves, if possible, to help the bosses, so that you can accelerate the matter. In this way you can be in the Klin Of The First Flame in about two to three hours. Alternatively, you play the first DLC, which is even faster. However, Sister Friede is the hardest boss so far and you should have a character with a corresponding level for it.