How to get M4A1, Assault Riffle Location Ghost Recon Wildlands

The M4A1 is an Assault Riffle that gamers already know from other games. In Ghost Recon Wildlands, you will find 23 Assault Riffles and one of them is the M4A1. This riffle has a high fire rate and is popular with stealth players. The highest value of the weapon in the standard state is the noise reduction. In this guide, we will show you how to get the M4A1 Assault Riffle.

You will find the M4A1 Assault Riffle in a smaller Unidad camp in a forest. However, if you use weapons with silencers, it is not a problem to get to the weapon box.

The M4A1 is located in the Flor De Oro province, south-east of the world map. This area has a difficulty of 5 skulls, so you should be careful.

- We always recommend using a helicopter but as the target is in a forest this time, we decided to use a motorcycle, which we ridden across the forest to the camp.

- Our starting point is on the eastern border to Libertad, under the woodcutter village of Rocha.

- Follow the main road from Rocha towards the south.

- To avoid Unidad patrols, you can avoid a dirt road next to the road.

- Follow the path until you reach the marked starting point in the below image.

- This starting point is right next to a Unidad camp guarded by many opponents. So stay hidden.

- By motorbike, by car or on foot, take the blue marked trail from the starting point towards "Hunting Lodge in Armadillo"

- On the way to the forest, we have not encountered any opponents but civilians. There is no reason to shoot.

- In the forest behind the target point, you can have a look at the opponents at the hunting lodge.

- The drone will also help you uncover the Unidad opponents scattered around the hut.

- Choose a safe spying point, because there is also a sniper among the opponents.

- After uncovering your opponents, you have two options.

- 1. Try to sneak into the weapon chamber, loot it and run away quickly. This is a fast method with a lot of risk.

- 2. Kill the Unidad one by one. This is somewhat slower method, but with more safety.

- In our gameplay, we chose the second method to kill all enemies and then take the weapon.

- We started with the sniper rifle and then gradually killed the enemies who patrol around the hut.

- As a weapon, we took the HTI sniper rifle, equipped with a silencer.

- After you have killed all enemies, you can easily go to the weapon box.

With the M4A1 you have a storm gun, which is particularly suitable for silence killing. Players who prefer stealth tactics should have a good weapon for these purposes with the M4.

M4A1 Comparison with MK 17 (M4A1 VS. MK17)

In direct comparison with the Mk 17, the M4A1 has significantly less damage and less penetration. Even with precision and range, the M4 has worse values than the Mk 17. However, this is no surprise, because these two values are the best in the Mk 17.

The M4 offers more manageability and a significantly higher fire rate. The noise attenuation is also greatly increased by the existing silencer.