Kilton Location, Find Monster Shop: Zelda Breath of the Wild

In the Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, if you want to trade your monster parts then you have to find the secret dealer called Kilton. He has some great stuff for you in his collection. Among them is the Dark Link costume.

Kilton can be found at a certain place and at a certain time in the game. On the first encounter, Kilton stays low in the north of Hyrule. He is located in the Akkala region on the small island in the skull lake. You can find him there every day, because he is only there at night.

You can reach the area quickly, because there is a shrine on the right side of the column, where you can go fast. To wait for the night, you can also make a camp fire and rest until dark.

Now is the time to talk to Kilton. He is a trader who makes a tour of Hyrule after your conversation. But you can still visit his monster shop regularly. His shop is easy to spot, as a balloon floats above the house, similar to a hot-air balloon. You can visit there only at night, between 20 and 4 o'clock in the morning.

What Can You Buy in Kilton's Monster Store?

You can easily reach Kilton by going to the Daqo Chisay Shrine, which is located in Gerudo City. Go from there a few steps to the north and you are already there. Kilton does not really change his position, he's just there where you're looking for him. This can also be near Kakariko, the village of Zoras or Taburasa. The main thing is that it is already dark.

Kilton has a lot on offer. But you have to pay it with a special currency, which you only get from him and with which you can only pay with him. This currency is called Mon. So if you have captured many monster parts, then you can sell them to Kilton. Especially Loot of rare monsters is very pleased with Kilton. If you have a little Mon in the wallet, then you can buy something nice in Kilton's monster store:

Monster Extract - You can use this ingredient for recipes. (Cost 9 Mon)

Wooden Mop - This is a simple lance weapon. (Cost 19 Mon)

Spring Loaded Hammer - This is a pretty weak weapon, but it has a funny effect: If you use a combo, the enemy is thrown away after the fourth hit. (Cost 199 Mon)

Bokoblin Mask - You can use this mask as a bokblin (Cost 99 Mon)

Moblin mask - You can use this mask as a moblin (Cost 199 Mon)

Lizalfos - With this mask, you can spend your time as an axis (Cost 299 Mon)

Lynel Mask - With this mask you can spend as a fancy (Cost 999 Mon)

Monster Bridle - You can put this on your horse (Cost 399 Mon)

Monster Saddle - This saddle is also for your horse (Cost 299 Mon)

Dark Hood - Armor part (Cost 1999 Mon)

Dark Tunic - If you have all three pieces of armor together and at least these are upgraded to Level 2, then you will receive a set bonus, which will increase your night-time. Your movement speed is then increased until dawn. (Cost 999 Mon)

Dark Trousers - Armor part (Cost 999 Mon)

You should not underestimate the enemy masks. If you carry them, you can no longer attack the monsters and you can just walk through them.

Kilton and His Tasks

If you have completed the main story, then you should definitely talk to Kilton again. He will be happy to talk with you about monsters and give you three tasks, because there are three conversation options. You should kill all the three Sub Bosses. If you succeed, for each you will receive a medal from Kilton:

- Talus Medal : Kill 40 Talus bosses
- Hinox Medal : Kill 40 Hinox bosses
- Molduga Medal : Kill 4 Molduga bosses