Kingslayer Document / file Locations: Ghost Recon Wildlands

In Ghost Recon Wildlands, the Intel documents provide information about different game content in your setting. They are very important for you to progress quickly and improve your skills. Through these documents you can get localizations of objects, missions and people. With these you can strengthen your ghost in different ways. For example, you can display weapons, so you can increase your arsenal of weapons. In addition, you can use the documents to identify the locations of the side missions, which unlock your abilities of rebel support.

If you want to expand your skills well, then you need to find the Intel documents in Ghost Recon Wildlands. While you could look around the vastness of Bolivia for resources or weapons without the these documents but it will take a long time. Instead, if you find and copy documents, you can distinguish between different locations for important materials. For example: you have the choice between weapon crates, rebel missions, or skill point location. You recognize Intel items, such as documents on white circles with exclamation points on your map.

The choice is restricted to locations in the area where you are staying. As soon as you find the first documents, you have the choice between three pieces of information. The more you know, the fewer choices you have. If you have learned everything from your region, you should look for documents in other places.

The Intel documents are generally a way to fill your map. The more of these items you track the better your knowledge of the environment, as you can build your character faster. With the Kingslayer files you can watch interesting videos and audio files about the characters. This gives you a good insight into the background story of Ghost Recon Wildlands and can play the videos and audios again at any time. You can recognize the Kingslayer files by using green book symbols.

For the records of all the Kingslayer files in the Itacua region, we recommend the following YouTube video: