Korok Seed Locations, Solve Puzzles: Zelda Breath of the Wild

In The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, you can increase your inventory with Korok seeds. There are 900 of them and scattered everywhere. You can collect them and give to Hetsu for more inventory space. The more you increase your inventory, the more Korok seeds you need. If you have found a Korok, there are different symbols that determine the kind of puzzles that you must complete for a reward.

You’ll encounter Hetsu for the first time on the way to Kakariko. As mentioned above, the more slots you unlock, your cost of expanding the inventory increases. In total, you need 441 seeds to completely upgrade your inventory and 900 seeds to complete the game 100%. The inventory spaces allow you to use additional weapons, bows, and shields.

Once you have found all Krog seeds, you will get a special item that will let you perform the Maronus Dance. Before that you have to solve the many small puzzles. If you are not able to continue with a puzzle, you can leave the area briefly and return to reset the puzzle. In general, you should be very careful when looking for Krogs. Often you see something in the landscape, which practically cries out to be examined more closely. For example, if you see a lonely tree in the desert, there is a krog seed. There is a strange rock on a beautiful meadow, among which is a krog seed. Or you can see a strange rock formation in the water - you know what is hidden in it.

The Korok Seed Puzzles

There are eleven different types of puzzles. Each of them is marked with a different symbol.

Here are the different possibilities for the Korok Seed puzzles in Zelda - Breath of the Wild:

Cube Pattern (blue triangle): 

If you see small metal cubes arranged in a symmetrical shape, you must balance the difference between them. Usually there are two cubes and you have to take the extra piece from one die and add it to the other. This will reward you a Korok seed received.

Natural Hiding Spots (Blue Circles)

Often you can find Korok seeds under natural objects. Link can raise stones or fall trees. Take advantage of this and take a look under the objects.

Rock Patterns (White Triangle)

If you see a few small stones arranged in a particular pattern (spiral, circle, cross), you notice that there is a missing stone. This is usually in the immediate vicinity and you have to put it in the right place (usually very unambiguously), so you can solve this puzzle.

Circle (Purple Circle)

With a circular arrangement of objects, you can see this formation in the water and you have to throw small rocks into this circle. Once you hit the Bull’s eye you’ll get the Korok seed.

Leaves with Fairy Dust (Purple Triangle)

This is not really a puzzle since you get the Korok seed directly. As soon as you see some leaves flying around and a lot of fairy dust is around it, you just have to examine the place.

Race/Horse Hurdles (red triangle / white circle)

A race is waiting for you. This is caused by tree stumps with leaf symbols. Once you enter it, a countdown starts and a target ring appears. This should be achieved as quickly as possible so that you can get a Korok seed for more inventory. In order for you to reach the goal, you must proceed in different ways (running, climbing, etc.) as quickly as possible.

Food Offerings (Green Triangle)

This puzzle begins when you discover a series of statues. In front of them are small trays, in which the right fruit must be laid. You often come with an apple. Sometimes it can also be bananas, eggs or various items. The right item is usually in at least one tray, so you do not have to try too much.

Flower Trails (Yellow Triangle)

You get these Korok seed mostly when you see a Daffodil Flower standing alone. Go to it and the flower will disappear, but will reappear in another place. Follow it until you get the Korok Seed statues with trays

Archery (red circle)

This puzzle starts as soon as you see one or more balloons. In addition, a colorful windmill is a good indicator for a nearby Korok Seed. Shoot the balloons, but first get an overview of all of them. There are sometimes other items you need to shoot for example, if you encounter an apple, shoot it down to earn Koroks.

Boulders (Yellow Circles)

In this puzzle, you must move a few boulders into certain holes. Most of the time, you can take them down a mountain to land in the target. A stasy module can help you to have more precision. Alternatively, it can also be metal chunks, which can be transported with a magnetic module.

Tree Patterns (Green Circles)

There are trees in a group and you have to recognize a certain pattern of the fruits. For example: if there are three trees standing next to each other, two of them growing only one fruit, you should remove extra fruit from the third tree.

So, you have a lot to do if you want to find all Korok Seed but the reward is promising as it can never hurt to expand the inventory.