Legendary Master Sword Location - Zelda: Breath of the Wild

In The Legend of Zelda (TLOZ): Breath of the Wild, all weapons break after certain amount of use except the Master Sword. The only downfall of this legendary weapon is that it is discharging. Then you just have to wait until it has recharged.

To find the legendary sword you have to go west of Eldin . There you will find the Lost Woods. Look for the Eldin Tower and walk from there to the West. Here you will find the Tower, where you find the necessary map area. Now go to the road that leads you into the Lost Woods. However, to find the master sword, you have to put forth a little more effort. Not only the location is important, but also other preparations.

- Before you can get the Legendary Master Sword in Breath of the Wild, you must have enough hearts. The reason is that it is deeply anchored in the ground and to get it out you need hearts, at least 13 hearts.

- With the 13 hearts, you are now entering the Lost Woods. Once you have arrived at the place where the fog condenses, you have to make everything right. If you make a wrong move, you will be transported back to the beginning.

- The fire cups, which you see here, show you the right way, so hold on to them. You have already noticed that their sparks are pointing in different directions - that is the key. If you have arrived at a tree with two fire bowls, you must refrain from the help of the fire bowls from the moment.

- However, this is not so wild because you continue to carry a torch with sparks. If you do not have one, grab the torch, which is at the fire door. So follow the fire bowl again and you should be at the end of the Lost Wood, where the master sword is.

Grab the legendary weapon and pull it out. If you have enough heart, then this challenge will not cost you your life. The sword has an attack power of 30 and it even doubles in the final battle. This means that you should have picked it out of its hiding place at the latest.