Mass Effect Andromeda: AVP, Increase Viability / Cryo Pods

In Mass Effect Andromeda, one of the main tasks is to earn AVP (Andromeda viability points) and bring the planets viability to 100%. AVP also increases your Nexus level and you can unlock Cryo Pods for bonuses. Therefore, it is very important to know how you can earn your AVP and get the most important bonuses.

You earn AVP by exploring planets, recruiting allies, eliminating environmental damage, and eliminating threats. So that you can unlock Cryo Pods and earn bonuses, it is important to know which actions bring AVP.

As I mentioned, AVP and the viability of planets are closely related. By earning AVP, the viability is increased. This allows you to explore and ultimately colonize planets. In general, you profit from two rewards in the form of outposts and the important Cryo Pods.

Earn AVP quickly Tips

- Vault: In the course of the game, you are always bouncing on planets on vaults. These are three great dungeons that increase the viability of a planet by a whopping 40% after activation. As a result, you earn as many AVPs at once.

- Outpost: If a planet has reached a 40% viability, you can build an outer pulse on some of them, giving you 20% viability and many AVPs. However, for some planets you need more than 40% until you can build an outerpost. In this case, special tasks are necessary, which you can see under the Heleus tasks.

- Enlightenment: These small items you should always build directly when you arrive at planets. This will reveal degradation zones for minerals and materials, and you will get 2% viability and AVP for each item.

- Planet Missions: Earn 10-20% viability by completing special missions on the planet. The construction of an outerpost will release you further missions.

- Architect Defeat and Enemy Base: On some planets, there are large bases that reward you with 10% viability when you capture them from the enemy. Architects, in turn, are big boss-like opponents that you must defeat.

- Other missions: On each planet, there are other optional side quests, such as finding the dead colonists on Eos. By completing such tasks, you also deserve another 2-10% viability.

As you can see, you will also achieve 100% viability if you don’t complete all the tasks on a planet. However, it is advisable to do everything, since you can earn more AVP. So continue after the 100%, so you have more AVP for the Cryo Pods.

Unlock AVP Cryo Pods

As soon as your Nexus level rises and your Cryo Pods can be unlocked, there is a corresponding message from Sam on the Tempest. Then go to the appropriate terminal (AVP status control), which is in the same room as research and development (research area). Alternatively, you can also access Nexus Ops on the Nexus.

The advantages of the Cryo Pods are not to be despised. This allows you to deliver different types of materials every 45 minutes, earn more credits through the APEX missions, or improve retailer prices. Every 45 minutes, you can go back to the terminal and pick up your rewards from Cryo Pods. After leaving the terminal, you will also be shown a list of all deliveries on the left.

Especially for weapons and armor, the material supplies of the Cryo Pods are practical. Some special Cryo Pods can be unlocked after you reach the 100% viability of a planet.