Mass Effect Andromeda: Best Weapons, Upgrade / Mods guide

In Mass Effect Andromeda, the weapons selection is huge. You can find weapons in the game world, especially near enemies. You can also explore blueprints and craft weapons and upgrade them yourself. Two important factors relating to weapons are your weapon slots and the weight that cannot be too heavy; otherwise you will limit your other abilities.

First of all, let's explain some general things about weapons in Mass Effect Andromeda.

- Research and development are two important branches. In the research area, you collect research data and research the necessary blueprints you need to create better weapons.
You can find blueprints mainly in crates or during the APEX mission, which you can play in multiplayer.

- You can also use the blueprints to upgrades existing weapons. You can also find weapons and make them only with upgrades and mods to a really strong crease or specialize in it. But only one mod for a weapon can be used.

- Each weapon has five levels. Tier 4 can only be used at level 20 and Tier 5 is at level 30.

- If you want to carry heavier weapons and especially more weapons with you, then you should definitely increase the ability to fight. So you have the option to unlock additional weapon slots and increase the weight to wear. This is really important, because you carry too much weight, then restricts your other abilities and extends the cooldown of your powers. A bar at the top of the middle shows you whether you are overloaded. If it is red and you see a minus number standing next to it, then you carry too much weight.

- There are mods that help reduce the weight of your shotgun. We have one such for our precision rifle. Think about using such a mod for your weapon. It can be very helpful, because heavy weapons do more damage, which is why you are sure to take some with you.

- Within the mission, you have no way to change your equipment. So you should do this early. Go to the research and development station on the Nexus or Tempest. Here you can equip your weapons with useful mods.

- You can personalize your weapon by customizing your color or pattern as you like. Go to the Pathfinder's cabin on the Tempest, where you can access the customization menu.

The Best Shotgun: Dhan Shotgun

Dhan shotgun is the best shotgun in Mass Effect Andromeda, which you can make by means of the corresponding construction plan. You can also find weapons on your journey, but the blueprints are usually more to your disposal. So you should not wait until you find better weapons, but instead you crafted them.

Go to the Research and Development Station (Nexus or Tempest) and access the blueprints of Helios technology, where you can choose the Dhan shotgun from the Warp Weapons. How to craft the Dhan shotgun? You need the following materials to make the Dhan shotgun:

- 60 x Nickel
- 30 x Kett alloy
- 28 x Scale Fibers
- 10 x Vanadium

You can get these materials from dealers. You can also find them in the game world. Vanadium is the only rare material. In the ideal case, you have already done a lot of mining or completed some sub-missions. Here, too, there is always a lot to be gained. Likewise, regular team missions through Companion App (APEX HQ) bring you many materials.

The Dhan shotgun, unlike other weapons, does not shoot several projectiles, which then scatter, but a single light projectile that is very powerful. You can use the Dhan shotgun well in melee, but also at medium distance. It is almost like a crossbow, which also fires only a strong arrow. It usually takes one to two targeted shots with the Dhan and you're doing most of your enemies playing.

Especially when you put the Dhan on Tier 4 or Tier 5, it is an unbeatable weapon. Then it is able to distribute more than 1,000 damage points per shot. Also, the Dhan shotgun is an ideal companion because it is relatively light.

Dhan Shotgun and Specialize With Mods

Upgrades and mods can be used to make your weapons stronger. Each weapon can get two upgrades. For the mods it is different. With some weapons you can add more and with other less mods.

We can recommend you a particular mod for your best shotgun: The Double Mod, which allows you to add two additional mods to your weapon. You can buy the double mod for 2,400 credits at the mixed goods trader on the Nexus.

In terms of improvements, you should pay attention to your own style. Well, of course, there are always improvements, in which you increase the damage. If you would like to test some upgrades, you can save the game and try different upgrades.

As for the mods, you are a little freer with the Dhan. You can choose four mods and mods are interchangeable at any time. It is best to choose them according to your playing style. Then you will make the right decision. In addition, your abilities also influence the effectiveness of your weapons. If you give points under biotics, you can get 15% more on your shotgun damage.

We recommend the following mods for the Dhan:

- Rifle Barrel: This increases the damage of the shotgun. If it is only a normal mod, you may have to expect a loss in precision, but with a view to more damage, this should not be a big problem.

- More Punch: Increases your punching power, as you can fight against armored enemies. There are mods that increase the damage to be inflicted by up to 50%.

- Faster reload speed: This is always useful because the Dhan has only two shots in the magazine - probably the only big drawback of this shotgun. But with such a mod can be at least a little offset.

This guide is still under construction and will be expanded with the best Sniper rifle, the best assault rifle and the best melee weapon.