Mass Effect Andromeda: Find Minerals - Mining guide

In Mass Effect Andromeda, you need a large amount of materials like minerals, research data and other items to carry out research and development. With mining, you will receive numerous materials such as copper, vanadium and Element Zero. For this you just have to go with your nomad. But there are other ways to get the necessary materials.

One of the methods is the sending of the Strike Teams on APEX missions. Another method is the disassembly of your existing weapons and armor. Never sell, better disassemble! So you get many materials and minerals early on, so you can make better equipment at the beginning of Mass Effect Andromeda. You will get some rare items later, when you visit new planets.

Let's start with the basic knowledge. First of all, it is important that you gradually build all the reconnaissance items on a planet. These allow you to use not only the fast travel, but also cover mining zones. Then go to these destruction zones with the nomad and then grab the minerals that are offered to you. On each planet there are different strong deposits and not on all you find rare minerals. To dismantle the minerals:

- As soon as you inform Sam that you are in a zone rich in minerals, you will open your mining computer (shown in the upper left corner of the screen).

- Afterwards, you take off the area and look for a suitable place to start the mountain barge. Pay attention to the eruptions in the graph. If the line increases with one of the displayed minerals, continue in the direction until it reaches its maximum level.

- Here you can request the mountain bait. The radius in which the minerals are mined is indicated by an orange line. Outside the circle, you should also look for other materials to extract. At a different point within the range, other minerals may be more strongly represented.

- If you have extracted the entire excavation zone, it will be displayed in red at the mining computer. Sam also speaks to you and informs you that the source is extracted.

There are three types of materials: minerals, organic materials and tech materials. The minerals are Platinum, Copper, Element Zero etc. Bio materials are components of the creatures and animals that you will find in Heleus. Tech materials include items made by the species. Of course, you can also buy many of the components from dealers, if you do not want to go to the search. But why spend credits when it does not have to be? By the way: In addition to mining, you can also find small mineral deposits. This can be done with the corresponding action key. The following table lists the rough locations of selected minerals. They are far from everyone, but that should help you to remove the necessary materials.

Element Zero

- Planet: Can be find on Voeld
- Anomalies in the Zheng He system


- Mixed goods store on the Nexus
- Planet: Kadara, H-047c

- Planet: Havarl, Voeld


- Planet: Eos (little), Kadara