Mass Effect Andromeda: Getting Started Guide / Tips

This getting started guide and tips refer to little things that could be a bit confusing at the begging of Mass Effect Andromeda. At the beginning, it is not clear which doors you can go through and which don’t. But you can easily clarify this: in the middle of the door you see a circle that turns. These doors open automatically, even if it sometimes takes longer. Other doors can be opened again with the key. If there is neither a circle nor an action button in the middle, then the doors are simply not passable to open. These tips are meant to explain and simplify such situations.

- Profiles and abilities: Don’t be too hard on your training. It is possible for you to unlock other skills as well. In the beginning, you can concentrate on the shooting and the various weapon types, but quickly try out the possibilities that give you biotics and tech. If you are not satisfied, then you can also reset the skills. Later in the game you will be able to choose between different profiles and you should use this opportunity. You will be caught in situations that require different approaches, and through the profiles you can get bonuses.

- Conversation Options: The icons that show you your conversation options are not very intuitive. But here, too, we can provide you with tips to help you memorize what answers are the right ones. On the left you will find the emotional answers: above compassionate and loving, down below unconstrained and also somewhat wayward. On the right side are the rational answer possibilities: above logical and down professional. If you see two people next to each other as the answer option, it is the answer that strengthens your friendship. A heart stands for flirtation and the making of great love. Keep in mind that you have to become friends with some characters before you can work on the love affair.

- Selling and disassembling: You will find a lot of equipment on the way, but you will also be able to find the goods you need. It is important that you pay attention to what you sell and what to disassemble. Weapons and armor should be disassembled, because they supply you early in the game important materials, which you would only find later. This allows you to make new equipment quite quickly. With a simple push print you can sell at the dealer simply the entire salvage property. This actually serves only this purpose. At the bottom of the screen, the corresponding button will light up. If it does not flash, then you do not have any items in the inventory. Some items cannot be disassembled, they can only be destroyed. These include, for example, mods. Sell them rather than destroy them. So you get at least credits. You should keep Minerals and materials with you. After all, you need them for your research and development.

- Scanning Planets: Once you are on the Tempest, you can travel across the galaxy map to other planets. There are three levels: the Cluster view (all Heleus), the System view (all Andromeda), and the Orbit view. Here you can see the planets and the ships (also wrecks), which are in the selected orbit. Once you are in the orbit view and the info hears "anomaly discovered", turns on the scanner and follows the arrow. Explore each planet and any anomaly in orbit to scan them all. You cannot land anywhere, but as soon as you discover anomalies, you will be able to see new materials, research data or experience points. You need these items to get the best weapons and armor. So follow the arrow to the location of the anomaly and then send a probe there - now you just have to pick up your rewards. The bar above shows you how much percent of an orbit you have already scanned. One of the simple tips is: Always get the 100%.

- Side Missions: As usual in a role playing game, you will be overburdened with numerous side missions. You don’t have to make some of them, others will open the gates to other, potentially important missions. It is simply overwhelming, if one tries to complete all side missions from the logbook. Some of these are simply not yet feasible, because you have to go first, for example, in the main mission. But we also have tips on dealing with the missions. It has greatly helped us to complete the missions shown on the map of the area. They are displayed, whether you are tracking them or not. To track them, just click on the corresponding icon on the map. Just work your way through the cleared areas and you will complete all missions and side missions. Sometimes you have to return to completely cleaned areas because you can complete new quests there. In any case you should not completely ignore the side missions, because they bring you experience points. In addition, they are often important for relationships.