Mass Effect: Andromeda: Name The Dead, Body Locations

The “Name the Dead” side mission in Mass Effect: Andromeda, you must scan the dead body of colonists. You will get this side mission directly to Eos, but the problem is that you don’t know how many dead bodies are there and their locations will not be displayed to you. In this guide, we show you where you can find these dead bodies.

During the side mission "naming the dead", you can get a bug where you cannot see one of the dead bodies in the sand. However, you can complete this somewhat annoying submission, as long as you scan the site where the body is actually located. So that you can find all the colonists, we show you their locations on the map.

To successfully complete the mission, you must find and scan a total of seven bodies. We recommend you to play "naming the dead" only when the poisons have disappeared from the atmosphere of the planet and you can move freely. The following rewards are winners for the completion of the supplementary mission:

- 270 Experiences
- Eos Viability increases 2%
- 29 Andromeda Viability Points (AVP)

On the following map we have numbered the locations of the seven bodies. The order is chosen by us and you can also run it in a different order.

1. Go to the Enlightenment in the immediate vicinity and walk in the direction of the circles. The body is next to the rooms of the facility.

At the research station near the shields. Here it can come to the bow with the invisible corpse. So just scan the spot you see in the picture below and it still works. Team members may also point you to the location.

Also to be found at the research station. It is an Asari, which is in an elevated position. Run up the stairs to find the dead body.

Behind the research facility there is a large tree with red leaves. Use this as an orientation point, because the fourth dead body is next to this tree.

Near a vault. If you stay with the nomad on the sand street with the tire tracks, you find this corpse right next to it.

Also there are three dead bodies to be found in one of the vaults (only one for the side mission).

The last colonist lies on the hospital station of Kett. After entering, look to the left, where the corpse is lying on one of the beds.

Although the rewards for "naming the dead" are not exhilarating, the AVP is worthwhile and you can complete this quest quickly and easily with our guide.