NieR Automata: Find Pod B and Pod C, Location Guide

In NieR Automata, Pods are robotic companions and help you find your way through the post apocalyptic world. They also attack their enemies with different weapons and therefore, they are invaluable. If you can find Pod B and Pod C, you will also get new ammunition types that will allow you to react more flexibly in combat. But the locations are not very obvious, Pod B can be found in the sunken city.

Pod C: you will be able to find Pod C before Pod B in the game. After you leave the ruins, you continue to the deserted area. There are some narrow paths in the mountains, but also a vast desert in the middle of which is Pod C.

You can now collect either Pod C directly when you first enter the desert, or you need to find the Desert Zone access point to save and travel to the desert.

With Pod C, you now have the option to shoot targets. You must hold down the fire button until you have targeted several targets. As soon as the squares close, you can have a flood of rockets raining on your enemies. However, your Pod C will only use it with larger opponents with a high life display. For many small machines, the Pod A fire or the laser beam of Pod B is more suitable. Where you can find the latter, we will show you below.

Pod B: You'll find Pod B in the sunken city. You must fish it out of the water using your pod. However, it may take a while before you succeed. Fortunately, you can sell the other items and animals from the water with dealers.

In our opinion, Pod B is the best pod. It shoots a laser in the direction of sight, which can damage several enemies and also flight units at once. It is already enough, if you move back and forth with evasive maneuvers (R2) and the pod with pressed fire button over the rest of the work. You don’t even have to target enemies.

Use Programs and Improve Pods

Each pod has Pod programs that determine its capabilities. These allow you to use special snaps, which can be triggered with the L1 button and which have to recharge after use. By default, a laser beam is set here, which mainly harms bosses well.

Between Pod A, B and C, you can change the direction of the game in the course of the game. This is why it is also important to equip each of the pods with other programs so that you have always the right weapon for each opponent.

If you want to improve your pods, you can do this in the maintenance garage at the resistance camp. Talk to the lady with the red hair at the maintenance shop and choose the option Buy / Sell / Upgrade Chips. Now you can improve your pods in level and strength as long as you give them rare materials. In addition, she sells the following pod programs for 10,000 G.

R010: Laser
R020: Mirage
R030: Hammer
R040: Blade
R050: Speer
A060: P Shield
R070: M Shield