NieR Automata: Strategy / Tips for Getting Started

Never: Automata is an action RPG where the danger waits at every corner. That is why we give you some useful tips for a successful fight in the apocalyptic world and the war against the machines. The gameplay of NieR is clearly different than other similar games, so at the beginning of the game many questions remain unanswered. Over time, the possibilities become clearer and you get an action packed insight into the story.

As an Android 2B, you'll get through the partial dark world of NieR: Automata and learn new abilities and equip 2B's body with additional chips that will make you even more deadly. The network mode expands the playing experience and there are even good reasons why you should run NieR: Automata several times.

The mentioned plugin chips serve you as abilities, or boost for your attributes. With them, you increase your values for speed, attack, or defense. In addition, you can activate and change other things, such as the XP bar, the minimap, or the health display with chips. The chips are different in size, always taking up more space if they are stronger. Your system is limited, so it is important that you should consider the selection of the plugin chips well.

If you need more space in your system, you can remove chips for your HUD so you can use others. We will give you some tips to optimize your system:

- Optimize Chips: At times, you cannot use a chip even though you have enough space. In this case you should go to the menu and select the Optimize option. This re-distributes all chips to create more space.

- Increase Chip Capacity: In the resistance camp you can talk to the red-haired dealer. She works in a maintenance garage. You can buy more storage from her. The more capacity you create, the more expensive the price. Use this opportunity as early as possible in the game, so you can get stronger quickly.

- The Best Chips: Some chips are very handy, even if you don’t suspect this at the beginning. For example: this includes the item scan, which allows you to display collectible items and crates. From them you gain the necessary resources for revaluations. For this purpose, the ability to increase the rate of finding items or more points of experience when destroying machines is more appropriate.

In the course of the game, you will be on the twins Devola and Popola in the resistance camp. With them you can buy very helpful chips. One of them is incredibly handy because you are automatically collecting items in your environment. In addition, you can buy car chips, which allow you to evade automatically.

General Tips for NieR: Automata

- Enable Network: Under System you can use the network functions of the game. Do this early in the game and don’t be afraid that strangers will simply enter your game. You meet them only in the form of inanimate bodies that lie around. When you interact with them, you get three choices. You can pray for them, so that you can fill your health completely. After that, you can recover the corpse to get your money and temporary boosts (chips). You can also repair the others to accompany you into the battle.
- Don't die: in NieR it is important that you stay alive. If you're going to die, you need to salvage your body. Otherwise you lose all your chips.

- Multiplayer: Automata offers you unbelievable 26 ends! Therefore, it is very important to play the game several times, so that you can experience the story in different ways.

- Make Money: On your journey, you will find plenty of valuable items that you can sell at every dealer. Things you don’t need for upgrades, you can sell. Read through the descriptions of the items and you can occasionally see notes like "Can be exchanged for money." In particular, machine cores are very valuable. You get 10,000G per piece.

- Evaluate Missions: There are many missions in the game and it is important that you consider the order you use. You don’t have to solve the missions directly, so you should focus on the main quests in the first round. As soon as you start the second round, you can focus on the side missions, and on the third turn, you can unlock a chapter selection, which allows you to repeat each task.

- Mighty Combos: Automata uses a very fast combat system with a variety of dodge maneuvers and combos. You can carry two sets of two weapons each. Use the control (up) to move between the sets. You can do this even during a combo, so you can add the potential of your second weapon set.

In the battles, you don’t always have to target your opponents. It is especially recommended to fight against several enemies without fighting through the crowds, so that you can change your direction more quickly and can counter attack enemies.