Recruit All Allies / Location guide - Horizon Zero Dawn

In this guide to Horizon Zero Dawn, we will show you how to find and recruit all allies. If you follow the main quests, you will also regularly open up new side quests, which lead you into different settlements of the game world. This gives you NPCs who can join you at the end of the game. However, you can miss some of them if you miss certain side quests and then you won’t be able to get the corresponding trophy "All Allies Joined trophy".

If you want to complete the game with all your allies, then you must complete certain minor quests before the last main quests of The Looming Shadow, bringing the important NPCs to your side.

NOTE: In order for you to get all allies, you must choose the dialogue options with your Heart in all dialogues for main and side quests. The Fist or Brain options may cause you to fail to receive certain allies.

The Looming Shadow is the last mission in the game and before you start it, you must complete the following 11 side quests (including two quest series).

- A Daughter’s Vengeance
- Sun and Shadow
- Honor the Fallen
- Hunting For the Lodge - Hunter’s Blind - Deadliest Game - Redmaw
- A Moments Peace
- Sunstone Rock
- Traitor’s Bounty - Queen’s Gambit

If one or more of these side quests and orders are not yet available to you, they will be available to you when you face the last main quest. Of course, you can complete each of these side quests before you find final main quest. If you have done all the tasks, you can start with the last main quest.

If you have done everything right, then the trophy "All Allies Joined" is now unlocked. By doing this, you find out that you have successfully gathered all the allies.

Once you have completed the final quests of the game, and have seen the end, you will resume the game at the point before the last quest. So it is not a problem, if you missed a side quest. Only your dialog decisions cannot be undone later. So always choose the Heart option, if you want all allies.

The names of the allies are: Aluki, Elida, Teb, Vanesha, Uthid, Nakoa, Janeva, Petra, Sona, Vari, Namman, Erend and Talanah.

You can also talk to all allies before the last battle in the game.

NOTE: NPC Nil does not count as an ally. So you can accept the duel with him in his side quest and do it.