Survival Guide / Tips: PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds

PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds is now available on Steam Early Access and focuses on the popular Battle Royale mode, which you already know from games like ArmA or H1Z1. The battle for survival is already very popular among the players and in this guide we want to give you useful tips with which you also have a chance to survive to the end.

Before you start, you should make some preparations. First of all, the sound is very important, as you will be aware of ambient sounds like gun shots and other player sounds. Increase your volume or use headphones.

If you are ready done that, then take a look at the rules of Battle Royale. You can play with up to 100 other players on an 18x18 km map, looking for weapons and equipment, fighting against each other until only one player remains, in a slow diminishing circle in the middle of the island.

Do not lift each item individually, but loops using the Tab key

At the beginning of each game you sit with all other players in an airplane that flies across the map. You can now determine your own departure point at any time. It is advisable to use CTRL T to directly mute the voice chat as long as you are in the lobby and airplane.

Before you jump, you should switch between Ego-View and Third-Person-Perspective via V-Key. In the outside view, you can see better when other players leave the plane and choose a jumping point where there are not so many other players. Also note the following tips when jumping and parachuting:

- It is advisable to choose a jump at the beginning or at the end. In this way, you land in the outskirts of the island and not in the middle, where you can attack players from all sides. A jump right at the start also has the advantage that you land early and can start with the looting of weapons and equipment.

- While free, you can accelerate your speed by adjusting the game character and steer it perpendicular to the ground. However, this is only recommended, since you will end up in a line with most of the other players. Instead, you should try to land in an area where there are few players. Press the W button every few seconds to get as far away as possible from the aircraft's flight line. Pressing the W button occasionally will work better than pressing the button continuously.

After the landing you want to start immediately with the looting of equipment. Items you find mostly in buildings and it is under the whole junk on individual floors easy to overlook. If you have found something, you can directly remove the item by pressing the button. However, this is followed by a corresponding animation for each individual item, which becomes annoying after some time.

Press the Tab key when you are near Loot. This will open your inventory and on the left side of the screen will list all the items that are nearby. By right-clicking, you can easily remove objects and place them in your inventory.

Important Tips for Weapons

Weapons are, as expected, very important in PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds. There are a total of 17 different weapons and 35 attachments for modification. In addition to typical weapon categories such as pistols, assault guns, shotguns and crossbows. Keep the following tips in mind:

- The M16 is the best assault gun on long distances.

- The AKM is the assault gun with the highest damage output. However, remember that the return is very large and that the range is not as high as with other automatic guns.

- Use preferably guns using .38 ammo, as these are more powerful than pistols with 9mm ammunition.

- In contrast to many other shooting games, shotguns are not only used for short distances, but also work very well at medium distances with corresponding attachments.

- With the Kar98, you can get a head shot. This even works when wearing helmets with level 1 or 2. Only when the player has a level 3 helmet he can survive the first shot.

- If you target a weapon with a sight or a target telescope, hold down the Shift key. This keeps your character in the air, improves the targeting, and zooms even further towards the target. This works with all types of visors.

Beware of The Red Areas on The Map

Always keep an eye on the red areas on the mini-map. They show you that the area is nearing a bombing. It can happen sometimes that you don’t notice that you are in a red zone, despite an additional warning in text form on the screen. Leave quickly from this area, so as not to die at once.

Note: You will not die if you are in a red zone during a bombing. The bombs fall by chance and don’t cover the entire red-colored area.

Helmets save lives, but are differently effective

Helmets are important pieces of equipment that you should find in the first minutes of a match. With them, you can beat headshots of almost all weapons at least once. If such a shot hits you, the helmet catches him and disappears.

It is important to know that helmets of Level 1 and 2 only protect your head. Only Level 3 helmets cover your face and are the best protection for your head.