The Best Skills for Ryder - Mass Effect Andromeda

While playing Mass Effect Andromeda, we have noticed that some of the skills in the game have been better than the others. If you create your character, then you must decide for training. This only tells you which abilities you get unlock at the beginning. Later, you can choose all skills as you like. If you are the fighter without much ability, then you should choose this training:

- Security - Here you can unlock the combat capability, the turbocharger and the stunning shot. All abilities related to dealing with weapons.

- Biotic - This training provides you with a bit more possibilities. This is where your campaigning is prepared for the battle and the storm attack gives you access to a biotic attack.

- Technician - If you are not the biotic and are interested in tech, but don’t want to neglect the combat, then decide for this training. Here, the combat is fostered and also the ability Tactical camouflage.

- If you are particularly interested in "superhuman skills" and your interest in biotic or technician is great, then you can choose one of these two training. You can also choose the leader who is a mixture of both.

No matter what training you choose, you can still unlock the skills of the others. You simply need to invest a certain number of points into a category to gain access to all of your skills. Depending on how many points you have invested in the fight, biotic or tech category, different profiles are unlocked. You can assign this to Ryder and receive various bonuses. The profiles are interchangeable at any time and their advantages can be seen in the menu.

The Best Skills for Ryder

Regardless of which skills you choose, you'll get to a point where you need to choose between two improvements. Here, of course, it depends on how you play the game. You can use some of the abilities to initiate combos. These skills are considered the best for us. With combos you can do a very high damage. You recognize these abilities by a small blue symbol. There are a total of four different symbols that characterize the combo type.

- Fire combos set opponents on fire
- Cryo combos slow down and freeze enemies
- Tech combos stun enemies
- Biotic combos detonate and hurl enemies into the air

There are also detonator forces that trigger a combo explosion. They also have a symbol. You choose fire, cryo, tech or biotics and then use the detonator force to trigger the corresponding explosion. You will get these abilities by improving the skills and you have to decide. Either you take the combo skills or the other improvement.