The Division 1.6: Best build for PvP, this is how you do damage

The latest update 1.6 The Division brought some changes to the weapons and armor. The AlphaBridge build, which has dominated since 1.5, has been weakened and other character setups are now become vital.

One of the Youtuber users has created a build according to 1.6, which he himself called the best DPS PvP build. This is all about fantastic and the health bars of the PvP opponents draining quickly.

Exotic High End Build For PvP - 1.6

This build is based exclusively on high ends and exotics. Equipment sets are not used. Keep in mind that your Last Stand items don’t need to have maximum Stat Rolls as they are normalized for this PvP mode.

Gloves: Skulls MC gloves (Exotics) - Damage is increased by 16% when no set bonuses are active. In addition, bonuses for storm gun and LMG damage and critical hits are set.

Holster: High end (with movement from cover to cover in battle, 2% of maximum health will be healed for every kilometer covered) with reload bonus.

Mask: High end with Refresh (The healing is increased by 30% when the last segment of the health display is reached) with bonus on skill level.

Body Armor: Barque's Bulletproof Vest (Exotic) - No skill in the Cooldown will result in 10% Skill, 1 Skill in the Cooldown will damage 5%, and 2 skills in the Cooldown will have 10% armor. Additional bonuses on health points and exotic damage resistance. Since you have less armor in 1.6 and this lost its importance, the 10% are no longer strong as in 1.5.

Knee Pads: Shortbow Championship knee pads (Exotic) - Your shells are exploding after just 0.2 seconds, meaning they directly inflict damage. Bonuses on heath points.

Specialized Backpack: 200% of shotguns and stamina are added to the skill level. Also bonuses on health points.

In short: You have bonuses that will increase your damage and improve your survival chances, as health points and skills are also upgraded. The Youtuber has the main trunk:

- Firearms: 6760
- Endurance: 4741
- Electronics: 2684

The weapons for the build

With the weapons you have several options (for example, machine guns are now much better):

The LVOA-C, which was already an outstanding weapon in 1.5 and is also powerful in 1.6. The weapon comes with brutal, destructive and responsive.

In addition, the Pakhan: This exotic LMG comes with swift, deadly, brutal. This exotic perk is not very strong, but gives you more bullets when you recharge.

Character Skills

First aid with overdose mod: Heals more efficiently, can increase the life beyond the normal value.

Help with immunize mod: Removes status effects, makes allies immune.

Character Talents

Tactical advantage: If you move from cover to cover, the weapon damage increases by 2% for each meter for 5 seconds. Class with bonfires.

Medkit: Use the First Aid Set at low health to increase the damage resistance by 40% for 10 seconds.

Paramedic: Use a first aid kit near allies to heal group members within 40 yards.

This will give you a build that will allow you to deal with a lot of damage in PvP, while at the same time paying attention to your survivability. According to the Youtuber, it is an excellent character set-up to dominate in "Last Stand".