The Division 1.6: Best Mods and Talents for SMG

The Division 1.6, currently the top-tier weapons in PvE and PvP are the Storm Guns. The best figures can be found in the Urban-MDR, but the M4- Storm guns are also at the front.

In the first month after the launch of The Division, the SMGs - above all the AUG and the Vector were dominated. However, with later patches they were greatly weakened and deprived of their strong bonus: instead of Crit Chance, they were given a bonus to Crit-Damage.

With the update 1.6 the machine guns got their old strength back: With the return of the critical hit chance the SMGs are again a usable weapon genre. The maximum roll of the Crit chance on SMGs is by the way 22%.

MarcoStyle has looked at the numbers to the SMGs and found the best mods and talents to get the most from your machine guns.

Use These Weapon Mods for SMGs

Each weapon mod comes with three stats: a stat with high roll and two stats with lower roll. An exception is the Ti-RANT suppressor, which additionally have a reduced threat bonus.

For example, in an extended magazine, the stat with a high roll is the magazine size (by 110%), the lower stat roll would be a fire rate or crit damage, for example, that only 4 or 5%. Here is an overview of the values, which are possible with high and low rolls:

Since the Crit Damage (x5,1) can reach much higher values than the Crit Chance (x2,4), you should always pay attention to the Critical Hit Damage in the High Roll. In addition, the high magazine size value is outstanding, which is why it is indispensable for SMGs. The SMGs don’t need any high precision and stability because they are easy to control. Crit chance and head shot damage are the exciting stats for the low rolls.

To benefit from the Crits, this is the optimal mods for SMGs:

- PRO Red point target with Crit Damage, Crit Chance, and Head Shot damage
- Extended magazine with magazine size, crit chance and fire rate
- Small grip with Crit-Damage, reloading speed and precision
- Loud Vent Brake with Crit Damage, Crit Chance, and Head Shot Damage.

In the weapon talents, talents such as Deadly are obvious as they further increase critical hit damage. However, MarcoStyle responses on other talents, which in practice allow a higher Damage-Output. These are:

- Responsive: At a distance of less than 10 meters, the damage is increased by 15%.
- Unforgiving: Damage is increased on the basis of the missing health: 1 missing segment 10%; 2 missing segments 25% (instead of 5 to 10%, 15 to 25%).
- Competent: Weapon damage is increased by 10% for 15 seconds after a skill is cast.
- Hurried: The more critical hits you get, the faster you load. 10% per hit to a minimum 1 second recharge time. (This talent can be transferred with AlphaBridge, it comes on the PP19 as a third talent).

More tips:

- You can also increase the crit chance and crit damage with the impulse generator.
- As the best machine guns are the MP7 in the PvP and the PP19 or Full-auto MP5 in the PvE.