The Division State of the Game: Stagger is reduced in weapons

In The Division, some adjustments have been made. Stagger is reduced in all weapons.

The State of the Game ran on 23.3. The community developer Hamish Bode spoke about the Invisible glitch, which last days in "Last Stand" and in the dark zone.

This game breaking glitch was fixed as part of the maintenance work. For this, the server downtime was extended to allow the fix to be added.

Medi Kits and Stagger are Reworked

Before the first major update 1.7 in the year 2 of The Division, Server-Side is a patch, which will mainly devote itself to the first aid kits. These will be improved in the future. This server-side patch, which Massive "in the background" can bring live, comes before the next, upcoming client patch, which will also appear before 1.7. There is no specific date yet.

The client patch will advance through a PTS phase. These public test servers are then only available to the PC agents. The client patch, among other things, will rework the talent that is currently considered too powerful. The healing effect that this talent affords is transformed from an instant healing to a healing over time - so it becomes a little generic.

In addition, the client patch brings changes to the stagger, wobbling. On the one hand Stagger is completely removed in the Air Detonation Mod of the Seeker, and on the other hand Stagger is reduced in all weapons. This is to be thoroughly tested and adapted to the PTS.

More information from the State of the Game:

- The big update 1.7 will have before the launch also for consoles public test servers.

- There are no plans to bring The Division to the Ninteno Switch.

- The NinjaBike backpack needs to be reworked. Bode cannot say anything yet, but he recommends keeping the items for the time being and not disassembling them.

- Searcher with Air Detonation Mod: Reduces initial damage, but the fire effect deals more damage. However, the overall damage remains the same.

- In addition, changes to the expanded magazines and the spawn points in Last Stand will also prevent Spawn-Camping.