Thimbleweed Park Quick Guide, Walkthrough - Solve all Puzzles

It all starts with a corpse and two agents. The Point Thimbleweed Park Plays in the homonymous city where nothing is as it seems.

In this guide to the mysterious Pixelart adventure “Thimbleweed Park”, you will learn step by step how the world of Agent Ray, Reyes and the corpse continues.

At the beginning of the game, you can decide if you want to play Thimbleweed Park in Casual /Easy or Hard. I've chosen the mode “hard” to help all players. If you play Easy, you can skip some passages of this Walkthrough. Also, you should know that the puzzles are different at each pass. For this reason, I cannot give you any clear solutions to them. I'll show you how to get the solution. Keep in mind that the game is non-linear - that means you don’t have to stick to this complete solution, and you can do some steps sooner or later.

This guide is deliberately limited to the most important thing, so that your playing experience does not suffer.

Tips And prologue (Part 1 "The meeting”)

Before you start the game, you choose a difficulty. I recommend you the Hard difficulty level. Believe me, the puzzles are not beginning to be the biggest problem in the game. In the settings you can adjust the voice and music volume individually. (The control is the standard for such adventures. I like the speedy running of a character, as you will travel a few kilometers sooner or later. Use the left mouse button on the PC (A button on the Xbox One) and drag it in the desired direction. Look at the highlighted verbs. Use this with the right mouse button (X button on the Xbox One). They make the game easier for you. So you don’t need to click Open to use a gate.

We start with part 1 "The meeting". A man with a strange accent comes into the picture. So it goes on:

- Open the gate and take the stone in the river.
- Use the stone with the lamp above the shield of the Trestle Trails.
- Walk to the right to the sewer.

Part 2 The Body

We get to know the two agents Ray and Reyes. Don’t forget to look at the notebooks. Remember that you can switch between the characters at the top right. In addition, you can pass between the two items by clicking on Gib and the objet. With whom you are now exploring the city.

- Give the Polaroid Camera (Reyes) an Agent Ray.
- Use the film now with the camera and then with the corpse.
- Pick up the bottle next to the "Trestle Trail" sign.
- Run to the right to the sewer. On the way you can pick up something strange.
- Check the corpse. You can do this several times to get more information.
- Open the gate to the left and go to the street.
- On the way you can collect some items (circus post and tuna can).