This Healer Build keeps you alive: The Division 1.6 Last Stand

Since the launch of Last Stand expansion and the Update 1.6, the players are looking for new strong builds. Massive neatly twisted the balance, so now many players leave their AlphaBridge sets in the camp and are creating fresh character setups. If you want to take on the role of supporter in your squad and go full of skills and healing skills, MarcoStyle will show you an outstanding build in the video. With this you can significantly increase the chances of success in Last Stand.

This build builds on skill, the tactician's authority, and the First Aid skill. The idea behind the build is that your team is being cured all the time and you are extremely hard to kill.

The skill level scales linearly up to a value of 450,000. That is, up to this (high!) Value, your skills become stronger and stronger. Values above 450,000 then have a weaker effect on the skills. That's why MarcoStyle insists on the authority of the tactician, since this set delivers the following bonuses that boost the skill power:

- 2 Set-Bonus: +15% Craft ropes
- 3 Set-Bonus: +10% Skill strength
- 4 Set-Bonus: Talent – Per ball, with which your group hits an opponent, you gain a 0.2% skill level, with a maximum bonus of 30%. The bonus disappears only when a skill is used.

Use These Armor Parts

- Tank Vest: High end with Energetic: Allow healing to all healers (including the auxiliary item). This talent should at best have all members in the group. In addition, the vest has a bonus on skill ropes, health points, and ammo capacity.

- Backpack: Highend with Inventive: Increases the skill level by 15% with full health. In addition bonus on health points and ammunition capacity. Thanks to the energetic talent, you will have a cure most of the time and thus benefit greatly from the inventive talent - because you are longer with full health.

- Mask: Tactics Authority with bonus on skill and in-brand resistance. Gloves: Tactical skill with bonus to life points for kill, skill ropes, and storm damage.

- Knee Pads: Authority of the tactician with bonus on health points and status-effect resistances.

- Holster: Tactical skill with bonus on skill ropes.

- The mods need for this build mainly skill ropes, electronics and first aid budgets.

The Character Skills:

- First aid with Defibrillator Mod: You will receive an instant healing followed by a healing over time. Can revive allies. For example, if you have 300,000 HP allies healing, they will receive 150,000 HP immediately and a 150,000 HP over 10 seconds.

With this build, you can heal your allies directly, and they can get back into battle, being cured for 10 more seconds.

- Help with Immunizer mod: Thanks to this skill and the high-end talents you have a cure for most of the time.

The Character Talents:

- Adrenaline: The first aid kit heals for 10 seconds and does not stop healing if you take damage.

- Triage: Heals an ally with a skill to shorten the cooldown time by 15%.

- Death by Proxy: Destroying a skill set by the opponent increases the skill level by 20% for 30 seconds.

The Weapons of the Build

As a weapon, the Liberator is used with the Talents Competent (Weapon Damage is increased by 10% for 15 seconds after a skill has been cast) and Gifted (if you eliminate a target, the skill level is increased by 15% for 20 seconds). The second weapon is an RPK-74 E black market version with talented.

By the way, before you start battle, you can eat food. These increase healing effects by 40%. In Last Stand, you will receive all consumables on each Respawn.