Use Rebel Support, Skills guide - Ghost Recon Wildlands

In Ghost Recon Wildlands, you receive rebel support from the local resistance fighters to fight against the Santa Blanca drug cartel to regain the control. These support you receive both in the form of individual fighters, as well as through special abilities that you can make use of. In this guide, we show you how to unlock and use rebel support properly.

You can use rebel support at any time but you must first unblock them. During the gameplay you will encounter a few side missions, which will advance you in the favor of the rebels and thus allow for additional abilities. The rebel's missions are displayed on the map with green symbols.

In your skills menu, you'll find the Rebel Support section in addition to the skills related to your ghost. Here you can see how you can use the five rebel skills and what you have to do to unlock them. One of the first skills is the Mortar. You can shoot a target area of the rebels with a mortar shell and thus eliminate a lot of enemies, vehicles etc…

Press the corresponding button depending on the console or PC, so that you can make the right choice from a command wheel. After you use a skill, a cooldown begins until it is available again. The more rebel missions you complete, the more skills you can use. If you are looking specifically for the stakes, you can interrogate informants and find documents or laptops that tell you the locations.

If the rebels are not available as support, you can use the Ghost Recon Network to call other players to help. If they are to be the rebels, then these are their skills:

- Mortar: You command a grenade attack on a target area.
- Reinforcement: Call for a rebel group to be strengthened.
- Drop Vehicle: The rebels provide you with a vehicle, no matter where you are.
- Distraction: The rebels will divert your enemies from you, so that you may have free reign.

All of these abilities are valuable to your combat. In addition, you can upgrade them to make them more effective. For example: in the mortar, you will get several grenades with a higher explosions rate and you can request more and more rebels at once. So, in the future, look for the rebel's side missions as they're really worth.