Black Desert: New Class, PvE, Graphics Improvement Announced

For the fantasy MMORPG Black Desert, a new class has been announced. New PvE content and the graphics improvement are also coming.

A new class called Striker will come to South Korea on May 13th. It resembles the monk from other RPGs, an unarmed martial arts fighter. Will probably be exclusively male. If the striker wakes up, he could get some kind of combat glove.

In South Korea, the Striker will appear soon. There is no release date yet for the Striker in Black Desert.

Here is the trailer for the Striker:

The Second New Class

For the future, further classes are known - a picture of the "next class" is already available. It does not yet have a name.

Airships Announced - following fixed routes

In addition, Pearl Abyss has announced airships for Black Desert. This allows players to get up in the air soon.

Such an airship is relatively slow, but it will be possible to cross the desert. The airships will follow a fixed route.

Black Desert: PvE-Content and new zones

Normally that would be enough for a single live stream. But Pearl Abyss is the right one to go out and make plans for Black Desert in 2017.

Battle Against Giant Sea Monster

- There will be a sea battle against a giant monster called Vell in Margoria - as big as the city "Heidel". Players will have to master their ships well to defeat Vell. A new battleship with four guns will also find its way to Black Desert.

- A new battlefield "Black Raptured Dimension" comes - but this is not for PvP, but for PvE against a horde monster. Strategic thinking and teamwork are essential. Players earn resources by killing monsters. With the captured resources, they build fortifications.

- There is "Black Spirit" adventure - with new challenges on a new game board.
- Part 2 of the Kamasylvia expansion is planned - this will come to South Korea in the summer. The capital Grana and three regions are introduced - one of 53-55, one for 55-57 and one for 60 upwards. The Geirasha Temple will be the strongest new grind spot.

A Unicorn And A Graphics Revision Are Planned

- An animal 9 unicorn comes (Dine) - his horn has healing powers.
- Guilds should become more important

- With a militia system one wants to upgrade the node-fighting - players can make themselves as mercenaries
- Players will have the ability to climb (can still take)
- The announced graphics revision comes in 2017 - also audio is to be improved
- A kind of second Awakening is also being worked on, a "Skill Promoting System" - here, so far, "non-awakened" skills are in the focus. It will be possible to develop two "non-awakened" combat abilities into one. These new skills should be as powerful as the awakened abilities of the class. This is also something for the distant future.
- New "life skills" like pottery are planned (but this can still take time)
- At the balance one wants to screw, wants rather weak classes buffen than the strong nerfen. The Dark Knight, the Wizard and the Witch are currently the strongest classes. They have the best "kill / death" ratio.
- A "trade" minigame comes