Crowfall: New Classes: Here are the Assassin and Druid

In the upcoming ArtCraft’s MMORPG Crowfall you slip into different classes. The developers now introduced the male variants of the assassin and the druid.

The Assassin is the fastest class in Crowfall. He attacks from the background, which is why it is important for him to wear light equipment that allows him to move quickly and silently.

The male Assassin differs from the female version in that his equipment is not manufactured by the same craftsmen and is not exposed to the same cultural influences. He is an outcast who should have been killed right after his birth.

The Assassin in Crowfall: A dangerous opponent

His appearance and outfit should reflect the fact that he has the same powers as the female assassins, but differs from them because he is not one of their order. His face is largely hidden by the head gear.

The male assassin is a serious opponent because his victims first realize who they are dealing with when it's too late.

Defenders of nature

On the other hand, the female druids want to protect nature but that is not easy her goddess is dead and the hunger spreads out everywhere, devouring whole world. Therefore, the druids cannot heal the world, but only slow down their decay. This cycle of life and death is also to be seen in the appearance and equipment of the male druids.

They carry plate fixtures made of bone as well as fur and hardened leather. These are adorned with leaves, vines, and peeled bark, which symbolize life.

Both heroes may be individualized in terms of hairstyle, skin color, hair color and colors of clothes and armor, while remembering that each armor piece covers different body parts and protects them differently. Currently, there is no release date for the MMORPG Crowfall.