Dawn of War 3: The Eldar - All Units, Elite Units and Tactics

In Dawn of War 3, the Eldar are a fragmented culture created by the ancients to win the war against the Necrons. They are an awesome civilization, but through divisions during the war and the overstrained use of warp technology, they no longer form a unity. Their technology and understanding of military leadership make them a strong faction.

The Eldar Units

Before the civilization of the Eldar was splintered, no one could reach them. Because of their lack of presence, it was possible for the Empire and the Space Marines to build such a powerful empire. However, the Eldar is strong enough to become a threat even with a small number of troops. So they try to win the upper hand in the race for the spear of the Khaine.

Bullets / rockets: who needs them when you have perfected plasma guns and energy clusters. We show you the units of the Eldar and introduce them a little closer:

- Bonesinger: Your unit, which can teleport and reveal hostile units.

- Ranger: Sniper rifles with high damage at great distance. They need some time to make a shot. Through upgrades they can uncover enemies.

- Dire Avenger: The normal Eldar ranged infantry unit can throw grenades. They remind the Guardians of earlier parts, but they are a little stronger.

- Dark Reaper: Fire support squad that can do area damage with their weapons. However, they need a short recharge time for their attacks.

- Shadow Spectres: Soldiers with jetpacks, which can be very effective against enemy vehicles. The longer they target their beam at a target, the higher their damage.

- Howling Banshee: A group of melee fighters with huge damage. However, they have little armor, but they can slow down enemies and start a storm attack.

In addition to their balanced infantry, the Eldar have strong vehicles and Mechs. These are both strong in close combat, as well as at a distance. We list the units that belong to our list:

- Vyper: A fast vehicle with good range and a time bomb that can slow down enemies.

- Falcon: Medium hovercraft tank and all-rounder. His weapons are used to hit infantry and vehicles with the same hardness, and the Falcon can also be used as a squad carrier.

- Wraithblade: Heavy melee mechs with swords and mocking ability. They move very slowly, but can spontaneously start a quick storm attack and slow down enemies.

- Wraithguard: A remote combat version of the Wraithblade. But before they can fire, they have to recharge their weapons.

- Fire Prism: Very powerful hovercraft tank, which has crushing blasting weapons and can break armor. Its rays can lead to an explosion which also damages the surrounding infantry.

Tactics of the Eldar

Eldar's own national capacity lies in its warp technology. With it, they can simply teleport their buildings from one place to another. In addition, they can build portals directly between the buildings, with which they can quickly re-station their troops.

- War technology: With this ability, you can provide a steady supply of troops or just keep pushing enemies.

- Reach: The high range of the Eldar can be used to take away opponents at a distance and then retreat. This allows you to weaken the hostile lines with little patience without having to accept losses.

- War Cries: Use the abilities of Banshees to strengthen your troops and engage enemies. By slowing your opponents, your range is even more effective.