Dawn of War 3: Useful Tips / Starter Guide

The latest entry in the Dawn of War game series, has a lot of familiar game aspects from the predecessors. In addition there are new ideas and game content, which both do well to the game.

In Dawn of War 3, the cover mechanics have changed. You cannot find any additional protection by being entrenched in craters or behind barricades. For this, protected areas were integrated into the game, which either provide you with a shield or cover your units from the enemies. We start our list of tips with few basic information and follow the tactics.

- There are three different resources in Dawn of War 3 that are important to your strategy and are created by taking special points on the map.
- Requisition: Main resource for the production of infantry and its upgrades.
- Energy: Main resource for vehicles and their upgrades.
- Elite: With these points, you can recruit the best units in the game.

You earn these resources by taking and holding certain points on the map. On these points, you should purchase generators and upgrade to increase resource production.

- Before each game you can choose between three elite units, which can strengthen you with different doctrines.
- You get doctrines through the ingame currency skulls that you get through level upgrades of your elite units. With this you can unlock additional doctrines, provided that you fulfill the prerequisites.

General Tips for the Waaagh!

As soon as you have internalized the control and get the Waaagh budget going, you should focus on the tactics. Dawn of War 3 provides a good mix of great battles and small battles. At the same time, the speed of the game also changes, that battles can be slow and cumbersome, or lead to rapid organization.

Master the Basics

At the beginning of your experience, don’t be hesitant to use the easy difficulty level in singleplayer or bot games. See this as a good preparation and exercise for the multiplayer. Test all three factions to find your preferences, but specialize in one of them. The campaign will guide you through the factions.

Space Marines Are a good start, since they are neither weaker nor stronger than those Orks or Eldar. However, they are easier for beginners to handle. By their abilities, they can quickly enlarge their troops and enjoy tactical advantages.

Attack Is The Best Defense

Even more important than the capture and establishment of own points is the destruction of enemy supplies. If you destroy the point of an enemy, its economy is greatly weakened. Even if you cannot take the point, it will cost your enemies precious time and resources to restore the starting point. In addition, enemies will try to defend themselves, allowing you to attack other targets.

Vehicles are vulnerable when they have to retreat. While infantry can quickly change locations, many vehicles require a brief moment before moving. Therefore, tactical maneuvers are rather reserved for the foot soldiers and machines should be used with power and mass.

Tackling is Called Weighing

You cannot hold the entire map, but focus on individual points. Dawn of War 3 is not designed to build a complex defensive line before you gradually move to other points. Therefore, you should take the risk now and then resolutely attack a hostile resource point.

The recipe for victory is more to keep more points than your enemies. An overpower is very difficult to maintain, but even if you can only hold one point more than your opponents, you have enough advantages to win the battle.

Rush or Wait?

In general it is difficult to do a good rush in Dawn of War 3. You must first destroy a shield generator and then fight against a strong guard tower before you can attack the central core of your enemies. These are protective mechanisms to prevent a hasty victory in multiplayer. Nevertheless, a mini-rush is very helpful. When you destroy the shield generator of an enemy, you gain Elite Points. These points can be invested profitably in strong "heroes" and thus get an early advantage.

Elite Units Tactics

Don’t wait too long for your elite units. It is important that you harmonize with your team. If your team provides sufficient support, you can save on expensive Elite units. Otherwise, you will lose too much power if you leave out the good units. They help you further and offer a strong front for the beginning, until more expensive troops are available.

You can be a very good player in multiplayer even without the best elite units. If you decide before the start of the game for the three best elite units, you can strengthen your army very early and overrun your enemies by this advantage.

Troops House

Increasing troops is cheaper than lifting new troops. Don’t sacrifice too many units, as you will consume more resources than if you recruit individual soldiers. So be more of a flight, because as soon as you can see that a fight is lost, this can happen very quickly. There will be few surprises if you are in an under-performing situation. If allies should be on their way to you, you should run against them and beat the enemies together.

We hope that our tips help you get started in Dawn of War 3 or even provide some good hints for experienced players.