Destiny: Templar / Atheon Challenges Guide - Age Of Triumph

In Destiny Age Of Triumph, solutions for the challenge modes are known in the raid vault of glass. So defeat Atheon and the Templar in the challenges to get the extra loot.

Since the age of triumph, there are two raid challenges in the Vault of Glass: the first is the Templar, the second the final boss Atheon.

390 Vault of Glass - Templer Challenge Guide

The challenge is that you block the teleport phases of the Templer. He is not allowed to teleport.

Tip: The teleport can be blocked not only by the relic carrier, but by every guardian, by placing in the teleport circle, which appears before the Templar teleports. These circles look like this:

The relic was always worn by a single guardian in a successfully completed challenge.

Hints: In the fight against the Templar, a guardian takes the relic, fills his super by killing a few enemies, and uses them to break the Shield of the Templar. Now the squad can damage him. Normally, the Templar would move away after a short time and rebuild his shield. Then the game is repeated.

In the Challenge, you prevent him from being carried away. Therefore, his shield remains down. So you only have to destroy the shield once and then make sure that he does not teleport. Destroy him and the challenge is done.

Here is a video:

390 Vault of Glass - Atheon Challenge Guide

This challenge requires practice to master them. Don’t give up, if you don’t pack them in the first attempt. Communication is important!

Atheon, as before, you are teleported to other places where you have to destroy oracles. The challenge is that each guardian must complete one oracle per phase.

On Venus and Mars there are six oracles, which means that the guardians, who are not directly teleported, must enter the portal and have to kill an oracle to master the challenge. Keep in mind that one must always be outside. The Guardian, who has already eliminated the first oracle, will return immediately, so that the other Guardians can walk through the portal.

Tip: At the bottom left of the screen, you will be shown which person has destroyed an oracle.

In short, each guardian has to eliminate an oracle per phase. If a Guardian cuts off several Oracles or a Guardian dies, the Challenge has failed.

With Titan Bubble and the Sleeper Simulant, the challenge is to be completed after only one phase. Here is a video about this: