Ghost Recon Wildlands Narco Road: Players don’t want a GTA DLC

Ubisoft's latest open world tactical shooter Ghost Recon Wildlands is getting its first expansion. The Narco Road DLC will be released on April 18, bringing many new content into play. In addition to 15 new story missions, this also includes monster trucks and other vehicle content, which are a big hit on many players.

In Ghost Recon Wildlands, you are a ghost in Bolivia. Ghosts are a special unit of the military and are used in the game for the fight against the Santa Blanca drug cartel. You have to undertake different missions, kill gangsters, interrogate suspects and destroy weapons, to put gangster gangs on the craft and stop drug smuggling. You have support from rebels who can provide you regular supplies of ammunition on your adventures.

As you are concerned about missions, it is usually up to you. The one type of player prefers safe action with simultaneous kills and silencers, while other players rely on the power of assault riffle, shotguns, and grenades that are loud and explosive.

With weapon modifications, you can prepare yourself perfectly for upcoming battles by equip with the mentioned mufflers or with the bombshell with grenades. You have these possibilities in Gun-Smith, where there are more than 10,000 combinations. Special opponents also drop exotic weapons, which are an eye catcher on your missions.

On April 18 players with a premium pass can access the new content of the Narco Road DLC for Ghost Recon Wildlands. The content, announced by the developers for this expansion, reap much criticism in the community.

The 15 new story missions, new weapons and new types of secondary missions are not the problem, but are positively accepted by the community. Rather, it is about the special vehicle content that brings Narco Road to GRW, with which the players are dissatisfied:

- Race-Challenges
- Muscle-Cars my Nitro Boost
- Aircraft for special acrobatic air maneuvers
- Chopper-motorcycles
- Monster-Trucks

Ghost Recon Wildlands Narco Road DLC

In the social networks, many players are negative about the Narco Road expansion. That are really not the content with which the community has reckoned.

- On Reddit, the user kearnsy44 writes "This will be a flop!". If you are looking forward to this content, try GTA, because Rockstar already offers it. If you look at the vehicle control of Ghost Recon Wildlands, races are just "ridiculous," he writes.

- Markyymark13 writes that he does not like the way the game evolves. Negatively, he notes that he needs to buy the "GTA Wannabe Fast and Furious DLC" to get the (hopefully) good weapons and other equipment.

- Also the user Phister_BeHole does not like the allegiance to GTA. He assumes that the competition with Rockstar is not a good way to give the game longevity. "Tom Clancy games are supposed to be tactical shooters. It seems as if Ubisoft wanted to turn the game into a half-hearted GTA. They disappoint the Tom Clancy fans, because the game no longer does what you expect in a Tom Clancy game. They also disappoint the GTA fans, because this is not a GTA.”

Whether Ubisoft really turns the game into a half-hearted GTA or whether the content is not as bad as some players suspect, we see the release of the Narco Road DLC.