Ghost Recon Wildlands: Narco Road Disappointed Players

Narco Road, the latest expansion for Ghost Recon Wildlands is now available to access for players with premium pass. The DLC will be available for players with no pass from April 25.

When the first pictures of the DLC appeared, players were amazed that there should be monster trucks and nitro-powered cars in the tactics shooter. However, at that time there was the hope that the content in Wildlands might be "not as bad as presumed" and the pictures might give a false impression.

However, players express negative criticism of Narco Road. There are complaints especially with the new character, which one has to create for the expansion and with the new weapons, which are not so "new".

- You have to create a completely new character for Narco Road starting at level 20.
- There is no access to your collected weapon arsenal from the main game.
- The "new" weapons in the DLC are simply renamed versions of the weapons that already exist. Moreover, they are not customizable. Players use the weapons in the expansion only because they are the only weapons that are available.
- Skills, Which you have unlocked in the main game, have been reset.
- Narco Road uses only its own smaller map, which consists of sections of the map of the main game.
- The animals don’t come out of their cages in the animal trade missions.

- The gloomy, dark aura that players perceived in the context of the drug smuggling and gloomy gaits is destroyed by the eye-catching racing cars with nitro boosts and monster trucks racing across the mountains.
- The aircraft control leaves something to be desired and could be better developed. Wildlands has been fighting for vehicle control since the beta phase.

However, Ubisoft said that Narco Road has always been planned as a stand-alone expansion and should provide a completely different game experience than the main game. The features of Narco Road should not be linked to the storyline of the original game.

What sounds like an interesting differentiation but creates frustration among players. Because the "back and forth" between the main game and expansion is annoying. As an example, there are the Seasons, which were introduced with Patch 3.0. You cannot call this in the Narco Road DLC, but you have to switch back to the main game. Also the "new" weapons are not convincing and overall the extension just does not fit the game.

The players are hoping that Ubisoft will take the harsh criticism of Narco Road to heart, and the next DLCs will fit better.