Healing and Boost Items effects PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds

In PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds, healing items are essential to survive. If you survive among the 100 players who are on the map in the game, you will have to heal from time to time. In doing so, you should know exactly about the healing objects and boosts and use them in the right situations. We explain how the healing system works in PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds.

Healing Items and Their Effects

You will find healing items in the form of bandages, first aid medicine or med kits. While you are searching houses for weapons and equipment at the beginning of a round, you will inevitably encounter healing items. The effects of the items are as follows:

- Bandages: These items are the weakest healing items and regenerate 10 life points in use. They can only be used if you have less than 75 HP and they don’t heal you beyond that value. It also takes 4 seconds to use a bandage. In this time, you are at the mercy of hostile attacks.

- First Aid Medicine: The First Aid kits have a much stronger effect, which can heal you up to 75 HP. Just like the bandages, they don’t heal you beyond this value. It takes 5 seconds for you to use a first-aid package, so you'll be covered!

- Med Kit: This is the strongest cure in PUBG. You’ll find Med Kits on the map rarely and with good luck. But they heal you with 100 HP and should also be used only in safe cover. The use of a med kit takes 6-7 seconds.

Boost Items And Their Effects

In addition to conventional healing, there are also so-called boost items such as energy drinks or painkillers, which have extremely useful effects. Through the use of such a boost, an additional energy bar is filled, which consists of three bars. Each additional bar will give you a bonus effect.

- Tier 1: When you fill the first bar, you activate healing over time.
- Tier 2: The second bar increases your speed and you can sprint faster.
- Tier 3: The spread of the weapon is reduced and your weapon precision is increased.

As you can see, the boosters are pretty powerful and you should look for these items in the game world, which are available in three different forms.

- Energy Drink: Increases your energy level by 40 points and also regenerates some health. You can have a maximum of four Energy Drinks with you at a time.

- Painkillers: Increases your energy level by 60 points and also regenerates health. You can take a maximum of ten painkillers with you at a time.

- Adrenaline Syringe: Injection with adrenaline is particularly powerful as it allows you to move at normal speed, even if you are injured. This can make a difference in difficult situations.

Note on the use of boost items: Use the items when you are out of the game area. This allows you to sprint faster and compensate for the damage effect caused by the blue flashes outside the game area. This gives you time to advance to the center of the map.