How to Kill Slave Knight Gael in Dark Souls 3: The Ringed City

Slave Knight Gael is the final boss you’ll encounter in the latest expansion The Ringed City for Dark Souls 3.

In the game, after you have killed the halflight and visited Princess Filianore in her apartment, there follows an intermediate sequence, after which you will be in a wide wasteland. The Filianore's Rest Bonfire serves as a starting point, from there you can go to the direction of Slave Knight Gael.

From The Filianore's Rest, you must first follow the path through the wilderness until you reach some ruins, in the middle of which is a stone coins circle. If you approach, an intermediate sequence will be triggered, in which you will be introduced to Slave Knight Gael. He asks for the Dark Soul of Humanity, and the fight begins immediately.

In every further new attempt of the Boss fight, you start again directly at the bonfire, where the passage to the wasteland now serves as Boss portal. The battle is divided into three phases:

- Phase 1: Slave Knight Gael moves stooped and dances with a large sword in his hand on all fours around you.

- Phase 2: At two-thirds of his stamina, Gael is up, and the battle is transferred to the place of the throne. Here he covers you with magically amplified melee combat and also uses his crossbow.

- Phase 3: In the final phase, Gael conjures up lightning from the sky and hurls you.

Phase Once – How To Deal With Slave Knight Gael

The first phase is as simple as it is challenging. Gael will always attack you with his sword and jump wildly around you. Because his attacks are only physical damage, you can ward off all attacks with a good shield. Follow these tips:

- If you fight with a shield, you will never be too greedy for attacks. The shield defense costs you a lot of stamina and after that you can only put a blow, but you have to go back to the defensive to regenerate endurance.

- You can interrupt Gael very easily in his attacks. Depending on the weapon, he will collapse for one second after each third or fourth strike, which will allow you to attack.

- Sometimes Gael with a red aura will light up in the air. Then he rushes towards you and tries to impale you. This attack can be easily avoided by dodging to the side and then attack him quickly in the back.

- He brings his most deadly attack with a scream. Here, you must roll fast or sprint away from him. There are four fast combos from him and he will jump to the end in order to overthrow you. This is your chance to go underneath him, then you have enough time for two hits in his back.

Phase Two: How To Deal With Slave Knight Gael

The second phase of Gael is quite tricky and starts with two thirds remaining stamina. In this phase he not only uses melee attacks enhanced by magic, he also uses different spells and also attacks you with his crossbow. You must pay attention to the following things:

- By default, Gael is attacking you with two consecutive sword swings, where you can hit your cloak, causing some magic damage. After such a combo you usually have enough time for an attack on your side.

- Likewise, he is vulnerable to the side when he makes a puncture or rams his sword into the ground.

- Also in this phase, you can easily interrupt Gael after a few blows in his attacks. Pay attention to the fact that he has just sacked together and intervenes again.

- Beware of his lightning bullets, which he sometimes does. This works like a boomerang and return to him after about five seconds. This attack can easily get you in the back if you do not mind.

- Occasionally Gael will bombard you with his crossbow. You can easily deflect these projectiles with your shield or avoid them.

Phase Three: How To Deal With Slave Knight Gael

The third and final phase is by far the most difficult. It starts with a third of the remaining stamina. When he strikes be sure to be at a distance, because it is followed by an explosion followed by deadly skulls. In addition, temporary lightning is summoned to Gaels, which is indicated by a glow on the ground. So stay on until the situation calms down.

- He will summon the dead skull and the lightnings again and again in this phase and therefore patience is very important in this phase. Don’t become too greedy and don’t put too many blows behind each other, otherwise you will go into his combos.

- In addition, you should roll out more in this phase, since your shield can hardly catch Gael's entire damage loss. Especially its extensive combos you can move well to the side, dodge and then attack him.

If you have defeated Gael, then you will be rewarded with the Souls of Slave Knight Gael and the Blood of the Dark Soul. The blood can be given to the painting woman in the attic of the church where her sister peace has been defeated. Provided you have access to the first DLC "Ashes of Ariandel"